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15 And Laban said to Jacob, Is it because you are my relative [f] are you to serve me for nothing? Let me know what your salary will be. 16 Laban had two daughters; the name of the oldest was Lea, and the name of the minor, Rachel. 17 And Lea's eyes were delicate, but Rachel was beautiful and beautiful in appearance. 18 And Jacob had fallen in love with Rachel, and said: I will serve you seven years for Rachel, your youngest daughter. 19 And Laban said, It is better to give it to you than to give it to another man; stay with me. 20 So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and it seemed a few days, for the love she had for him.


In love, does the crush exist or is it all a fable?

Nowadays it is very easy to get frustrated or give up on love issues, most people get used to living a life of conformity, but since ancient times true love has always won Victoria, Jacob's example is clear evidence of a man's love for a woman, but that genuine love, I think we can all learn something from this story.
Jacob stays with his uncle to work 7 years for Rachel, after those 7 years the uncle gives him Leah, and he claims but Laban tells him that he must work 7 more years if he wants to get Rachel, it is something so beautiful that comes out from the heart of Jacob because he loved Rachel and accepted the proposal, altogether Jacob worked 14 years for the person he loved. The bible says that those years were like days for him, Jacob could get frustrated, give up, however never he lost his goal and fought for what he felt in his heart-

Love sets us free. When love and desire take over the heart, we don't calculate the price. The Argentine Cafrune playing his guitar, said that everything that is worth it costs. When he enters the heart he drags all the other feelings. Nothing seems excessive. We give everything to own it. What an extraordinary story that of Jacob and Rachel, since they met they knew that they were destined for each other.The heaviest jobs seem light to us.

The challenge of love

that we can learn from this story, Jacob had cheated on his brother Esau, and that is why he fled to the lands of Laban, and there he was confronted with a spoonful of his own medicine, he was also deceived, and even then, he could have been frustrated, he could He was content to live his entire life with Leah, but Jacob was brave and fought for Rachel, the woman he loved.This is a story of a love with purpose, also they were the parents of who would later be the governor of Egypt "Joseph."

She tells that a young woman asks her mother: how can I know if I am in love?
The mother replies: "True love is like two deep rivers, which meet and come together, bonding with each other, and then flow together"

This story had a happy ending, Jacob finally married his beloved Rachel.

Marriages are a symbol of God, but when it is for that genuine love, without selfishness, Jesus died for a Bride. He died to be able to marry her. And despite the good, the bad, of this story, Jacob's love for Rachel stands out as a love story of the best kind.But nothing compares to the love of Jesus Christ for his church ... it is the greatest love story ever written ... because it was written in blood ... His own!

There is no force more powerful than the force of love ...



Wonderful message Darlenys the story of Jacob and Rachel is a story of deep love, just like the story of Jesus and the church.

Time to live love to the fullest, thank you @darlenys01 it is never too late to love and demonstrate that beautiful feeling, God's gift to humanity...

Interesting story of love and conviction, also gives an example of God's mercy, Jacob worked for love despite the...

Love is the most beautiful thing there is a feeling that comes from above, Jesus is the deepest expression of love.

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