Steemchurch Venezuela officially begins

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Brothers and Sisters of @Steemchurch is a pleasure for me, to present the official invitation to the Meetup, SteemChurch Venezuela, land of grace.

It has been a busy day together with an organizational team that has put its talents and ideas to carry out the first meeting of the most impressive community of steemit, and its representation in Venezuela, hand in hand with our leader @Sirknight. SteemChurch Venezuela is already a reality.

Image courtesy of @emiliocabrera

The Vastago-Venezuela Foundation, is dressed in honor to promote what will be the beginning of Steemchurch in our country, the grace and power of God will be poured out in this beautiful country.

Lecheria will be the host city for the Steemchurch Meetup, unique in its style, the first church in the blockchain, expanding in the world.


Every time the Bible mentions the last days, we always think of wars, rumors of wars, the antichrist, the persecution and the wrath of God. The last days point rather to the final manifestation of the Sons of God that will bring redemption (redemption) to creation. Romans 8:19 For the fiery longing of creation is to await the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:21 For also the creation itself will be delivered from the bondage of corruption, to the glorious liberty of the children of God.

This is the reason why we need to change our concepts. We are in the last days. GOD needs people who surrender to Him totally, holiness to Jehovah, placing faith as a solid base and His word as the essential foundation for our lives, so that we rise in the true power of the resurrection and thus transform ourselves into the Liberators of humanity like what Obadiah 1: 21- And saviors will go up to mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom will be of Jehovah.

People who will liberate all creation from the bondage of corruption. Those days are now upon us. God is ready and waiting for people to capture His reality in their lives, and start calling things that are not as if they were.

Let loose the word of faith on people and nations. Let them go out and free the captives for the devil. That they open the doors of the prisons to the prisoners. Heal the sick and cast out demons God is willing to bring full salvation to the Church these days, and if we are willing to listen to His voice, and do His will

Let us not harden our hearts. It is time for commitments, it is time for changes, it is time to strive and be courageous in the ways of GOD.

This is the moment for people to begin to get up, to go to take the kingdom and to possess it. The Jews, many years ago, were waiting for the coming of the Messiah in order to destroy their enemies and establish their Kingdom.
Today, it is not very different. Most Christians are waiting once again for the return of Jesus to destroy his enemies and establish his kingdom. This concept was wrong for Jews and also for Christians.
While we are passively waiting, there will be no manifestation of the Son of God in us. We must seek GOD through Jesus Christ and through the reality that he lives in us, and then our lives will be affected in such a way that we will be totally convinced of what we are in Christ Jesus. Let us remember that Christ lives in each one of us. and that is why we represent him here on earth, only convinced of what we are, we will be able to affect those around us.

My prayer then turns, not to ask God, to only meet my needs, but to realize that he has placed a skill within me in order to meet the needs of others.
The desire of GOD is not that we ask him to heal the sick and bless him with money or to supply what is necessary, but that we surrender our bodies to HIM. In holiness and true commitment.

The desire of GOD is that his people flow through A Body of many members united by the same foundation that is Christ and that we can reach with all fullness all his riches in glory, and that as a people we are a hardworking, courageous, committed people satisfied, happy and holy.


SC venezuela meetup is finally here,you've done well darlenys in organising this meetup.
We hope to see full videos and pictures during and after the meet-up.

Of course, my brother will not miss a single detail of what SteemChurch Venezuela will be.

Wow! I love this! I can sense the power and approval of the Almighty! Taking the kingdom by force!

This is the moment for people to begin to get up, to go to take the kingdom and to possess it.
God bless! Praying for you and the beloved Venezuela! I mean really praying!
Love you!

Thank you Daddy, your words and good wishes. Pray for me so that God will help me with this very strong task! Greetings, I love you too.

You have my promise I will pray! Benediciones!

I believe that God is happy for this great initiative to see our beloved SteemChurch here in Venezuela .. A Meetup where a dream of bringing together the whole community of brothers of the South American Country materializes ... I thank God for knowing the Apostle Darlenys, She is a warrior of God, very sensitive to the needs of people and likes to work to build a Country. I ask for prayer to all my brothers in Christ so that this is the beginning of all the blessings we need in Venezuela. Welcome to Meetup Venezuela.

See how good and how delicious it is to be the brothers together in harmony! It is like good oil on the head, which descends on the beard, the beard of Aaron, and goes down to the edge of his garments; Like the dew of Hermon, which descends on the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD sends a blessing, and eternal life.
Psalm 133: 1-3


What an emotion, what a blessing of God I hope to be there, many congratulations, dear Apostol for such a wonderful initiative.

Thanks to @ Darlenys01 and @sirknight, it is a great project that will help our country to get ahead and strengthen our church steemchurch accounts with my support, success

Undoubtedly this project will be a blessing for all Venezuelans. Let us move forward, with courage and courage; giving more every day of all that God has given us, and soon we will see his glory in our lives and in our country.

Great, Please Apostol, tell us how we can register to attend ... my Family and I are geographically located in Cantaura state Anzoategui and we would love to participate in the activity.

They can attend without any sister problem.Just contact me for the record or via email to confirm your attendance since we will have a list of attendees. [email protected]

Ok, thank you very much, I will write to your email to know what data you need. additional to the name, identity card and username.

My dear apostle, you do not know how happy this initiative makes me, to collaborate with this is something incredible, I want the day to come. Blessings.

I am full of joy for this beautiful project that will be carried out by the apostle @ darlenys01. I congratulate you, blessings and rain of success for this beautiful work that is done in my country Venezuela. Count on my help in whatever you need!

Thank you Apostel @ Darlenys01, for this beautiful initiative for my country Venezuela. You have support in me if you need my help. Infinite blessings for you and this project that I decree in the name of God that will be very successful.

Beautiful invitation Sister Darlenys01, and also beautiful project. God bless you

I'm so glade sister darleneys that the official steemchurch Venezuela meet-up is finally here, it's so amazing to see that you've put in a lot of hardwork and finally the children of God can finally gather together in communion just like the apostles of old, it's really amazing to see this day coming through I wish you all well.

God has finally bring the dream to reality.
God that started his good work will surely perfect it to His glory.

This is really amazing ,meet up is truly interesting ,you get to meet your steemian in person.Love to always have meet up.God bliss you for lifting up the image of God.

Congrats, exceptionally energized and I salute you ahead of time missionary darlenys01, every one of the streets that lead us to jehova are magnificent. You can depend on my assistance.

To God be the glory, great things He has done.
Venezuela is for Christ and God is bringing His people together.
Wishing you all the best

I am very excited, the glory of God is manifesting in Venezuela, I take it for granted, I believe it. Blessings Apostle Darlenys, count on my full support.

My dear messenger, you don't know how upbeat this activity makes me, to team up with this is something mind blowing, I need the day to come. Gift

Wonderful at steemchurch Venezuela I believe hat God is solely at work and He will surely take Venezuela all of it for spiritual growth and development.
Go steemchurch transform Venezuela.

Hope is born for Venezuela, with the eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of the faith. Thank you for being a person who lets himself be used by God.

This is a great initiative and great development in the church, I want to tell you that God is happy with this and with @steemchurch, I know you are doing what God wants you to be doing. God love it when his people come together. God will continue to bless you and strengthen you to do more....

Long live @steemchurch

Wow,this is really a great initiative and nice movement for Venezuela,steemchurch is really doing a great work,and the kingdom of God is spreading in this blockchain,nice work again,nice post.

The presence of the steemchurch in Venezuela is a very big step and another big achievement for the steemchurch as more loves will be impacted in so positive way . The freedom crusade is getting bigger

This is a welcome development for the people of venezuela as christ is taking over. This meet-up will help people to be a part of this great community on @steemchurch. Please continue the good work and dont stop. The lord is with you.

Gran iniciativa, me encanta, cuenten con mi apoyo, y mis aportes, que este grupo sea de gran bendicion para nosotros asi como para aquellos que aun no tienen a Jesus en su corazon, bendiciones!

What good news, sister, may God be glorified and this contribute to the restoration of our country. Blessings.

First of all I thank God for this initiative and @darlenys01 and @sirknight. for this wonderful project that, I am sure, will be of great help for our brothers, the actions that are taken from the hand of God are blessings. count on my support

I am happy with this work that will bring many smiles to my country Venezuela. God will know how to reward her. I bless you apostol @ darlenys01. Already excited to attend the steemchurch meetup

Happy and blessed day, aopostol @ darlenys01 is a beautiful project that I decree will bring much happiness to my country Venezuela and will increase faith in all our brothers. God bless you for this beautiful work. Already excited about the Steemchurch Meetup

I feel blessed and in the victory of participating in this splendid project. Glory to God

Wow, soy de Venezuela también, si quiero unirme al proyecto, podría?

Of course! claro que si

excellent please communicate with me apostle darnelys.

Congratulations, very excited and I congratulate you in advance apostle darlenys01, all the roads that lead us to jehova are wonderful. You can count on my help.

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so is friend that meeting will be a blessing. greetings I will be following you

I live near Lecheria, it seems excellent to me, to unite our strength through prayer to ask for my beloved Venezuela that needs it so much and that more than being able to render supplications to God through the power of FAITH!

#claps# sister darlenys i am proud to know you, you are an amazing woman for pulling this through!

What a great blessing for this beautiful country that needs prayers and union so much.

good day, best regards, I have sent information to attend this event, I greatly enjoy your visit to my land, my country needs god and this type of events brings us closer to him, greetings and blessings, keep going!

good afternoon, friend I have sent my information by mail to see how I do to participate in your event, I would appreciate it please be guided to attend, greetings

I am from Indonesia, is there a solution for me to develop steemchurch Indonesia and Aceh, I talk to you @darlenys01

incredible, the truth is a super idea, a live meeting and in person with many of the people we share daily in @steemchurch, would be the maximum, so we could organize ideas, generate proposals and make the expansion of the crusade much more big. [email protected] is my email, @darlenys01 I would like you to tell me where I can send you a proposal I want for @steemchurch venezuela, but I would like you to review it first.

hello darlenys sister as I do to attend the meetup in the teramun

excellent espare the great day to attend

los a fiches son buenos espero que todo se de como planean

Hola yo soy de Venezuea como hago para pertenecer a la steemchurch comunidad?

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