The Universe can not exist without a Creator

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Credo begins this way, "I believe in God, Almighty Father, Creator of heaven and earth." Everything about Christianity begins with the belief in God. Without this fundamental belief, there are no other possible beliefs, especially concerning God, sending his Son. Without God, there is no Son of God.

This is why being sure of the existence of God at the foundation of Christianity.

The Universe can not exist without a creator

The first fact that shows the existence of God is the existence of the universe. No rational person doubts that the universe exists, so how and why did it get here? In biblical language, Scripture begins with: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1: 1). This statement declares that the universe has a beginning. Everything started at some time that we call time.


Outside of the Bible, how do we know that the universe has a beginning? Science claims that the universe began with the discovery that the universe is always expanding. Why is a universe as big as you important? Because, as if you were working back from the expansion, you have a time and a place called the beginning. In scientific terms, the principle is called the Big Bang. Scientists can investigate what happened at the first point of time, but there is no explanation outside of it, an agent producing the first action within time. In other words, the creation was made and you can not have "nothing" to do "something". That means that the universe was created! You can call the universe "creation."

The Bible, together with science, affirms an expanding universe, therefore, logically, a Creator: "Thus says the Lord God, who creates the heavens and extends them, who extends the earth and who sells it from it, who gives encouragement to the people in it, and spirit to those who walk through it "(Isaiah 42: 5) .The images are beautifully portrayed the expansion of the universe with the language that God" unfolds. "It is a photo of a store manufacturer that extends the store to to be inhabited.The tent, at first, is hermetically surrounded with ropes, and then the manufacturer unties the ropes and expands the tent.

Science affirms that the universe expands at the speed of light, and curiously the first act of creation, according to the Bible, God is to make light, "said God: Let there be light," and it was light "(Gen. 1: 3) This is not the creation of the sun, so that it does not occur until the fourth day of creation.


Before the discovery of the expansion of the universe and the logical conclusion of the great explosion, atheists in times past, held that the universe was eternal, and therefore no one or agent or not being necessary to do so. If you have always been here, they argued, then there is a creator, it is necessary to explain the existence of the universe. But the great explosion that had something to precede the first action of creation. Otherwise, the conclusion is that "nothing" made the universe. Logical claims that something, even greater than the universe, must exist to make the universe exist. And the cause of the universe must be created, outside of time and beyond matter. This is the biblical description of God - uncreated, eternal and invisible.

It is not surprising that the Bible says, "The fool says in his heart, There is no God" (Psalm 53: 1). A person has to intentionally fail to use his mind and logic in order to reach the absurd conclusion that God does not exist. If God does not exist, how can we explain the fact that the universe exists, a person who wants to deny the existence of the universe?

The apostle Paul says it this way: "The invisible things of Him, His eternal power and deity, become clearly visible from the creation of the world and are understood by the things that are made, so that they have no excuse" (Romans 1:20). Paul is saying that the fact that there is "creation" means the "Creator" exists. You can not have one without the other.

Why insist on the results in the treatment of the beginning of the universe? What it means that knows means that a creator has to exist. They understand it, but instead of accepting the logic of the principle, they deny that it exists or that it ends up in the universe that emerged from nothing. This, of course, does not make sense.



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