A Special dedication to Sir Knight and the Steemchurch

in #steemchurch4 years ago (edited)

I decided to do this very short musical piece once again, in honour of @sirknight and his entire steemchurch.
On a daily, we hear and see sirknight's goodness affecting and changing lives in the church, and it is only natural we pray for more blessings on you sir, and that's exactly what this video sets out to do. Your good works are seen and greatly appreciated sir, please accept these gratitude and don't stop sharing joy sir.
More blessings!
Higher heights!


Like a good shepherd
You cater for us
Even in good times as well as bad times

You brought us the steemchurch
In that you brought us great hope
You brought great joy and happiness

So this one's for the church,
The steemchurch
And we pray God's blessings on you and yours
Oh.... Oh....
And we pray God's blessings on you too


Thats the man, weldone brother, hope to see more of you around!

Most definitely brother
Thank u much apostle!
I appreciate!

Wonderful presentation, to the our leader He is indeed a good shepherd .We hope to see more of you


Thank you Silva
Stumbled upon yours too
Twas awesome

It's been a while we heard from your @dominqueguitars

Thanks for honouring our founding father @Sirknight .

As I would always say, SK deserves an award for being a leader we all want to emulate

Thanks for sharing

Warm regards


Yeah brother
It's bin a while
N it feels gd to b back
Thanks man

Wow wow, my goodness this is a fantastic piece my goodness, it's always difficult to to really play and still get your vocals right, yet you managed to perfect a your voice,
@sirknight is an epitome of hope, sometimes we remember how much he's put up with in building up this community together and we just tend to imagine, this is really beautiful my friend I'm thrilled and amazed,

Thanks so much man!
Still in d process of mastering my art tho.
Thanks again!

your video has been selected to be on the page of www.steemchurch.net

Great to get notification from you , Thanks for imparting to US!

What a wonderful presentation. Thanks for touching life through music.
God bless you for this wonderful talent.

U welcome broda
Thanks too

I so much love this song and presentation. Thanks so much for honouring our leader @sirknight and also for such a soulful inspiring music @dominiqueguitars. I love your voice by the way.

Thanks very much @davonicera
U got me blushing white

I have always said that the most beautiful talent in music can praise GOD with your voice, and express what you feel in gratitude with your voice. Thanks for sharing

You got it!
Thank you!

Wow amazing, good lord this is a fabulous piece good lord, it's constantly hard to truly play and still get your vocals right, yet you figured out how to idealize a your voice,

@sirknight is an embodiment of expectation, now and then we recollect how much he's endure in working up this group together and we only have a tendency to envision, this is extremely excellent my companion I'm excited and astounded,Thats the man, weldone brother, hope to see more of you around!

Excellent and very nice, you always have to be grateful. Thank you for sharing that great talent

Gratitude is a great key u knw
Thanks man!

my friend, they say that a look says more than a thousand words, in this case, your song is short but the expressiveness and talent that you have shown is more than a 10 minute piece .. congratulations ...

Thanks much boss
For everything

Wow!! @dominiqueguitars you're blessed... What a presentation, dedicated to SirKnight and the entire members of steemchurch.
Nice lyrics.
Kind regards.

Thanks much broda!

it is beautiful to express oneself in that way, it is like the harp of David when it relieves the pains of saul, that is the music reaches all the corners of the soul, and my brother who plays such a beautiful melody a thousand blessings

Yeah right!
Blessings on u too brother!
Thank you!

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