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In terms of placements, God arranged it that Joseph would not be born before his time. He came as the 11th son to Jacob (even though ordinarily he should have been born as the first son to him). He was extra-ordinarily loved by his father while at the same time, he was extremely hated by his ten senior brothers. In relation to God's timing in the life of Joseph, the call on that morning by his father (Jacob) asking him to go and see to the welfare of his brothers marked the beginning of a journey to destiny (see Gen 37:12-21). What were the gifts God gave to Joseph to help him fulfil purpose? They include his fear of God (Prov 8:13, 9:10); the dual gifts of dreams and interpretation of dreams, diligence and total dependence on God, among many others. These rare combination attracted God to Joseph and He made all he did to prosper" given your four times about Joseph (see Gen 39:2,3,21) there were several helpers in Joseph's life. The number one of course, is God Himself- the Creator and Enabler of all. The next helpers were his parents Rachel and Jacob. Others included his Brothers with their love, care, hatred and conspiracy, etc. Also, important to Joseph's life and destiny were the potiphars, especially the wife. If she did not lie in the prison where he met the Butler who eventually linked him with Pharaoh. It was the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream that landed Joseph on the throne as Prime Minister (see Rom 8:28)


Something struck me about the detailed analysis and the step-by-step prescription Joseph gave as solutions to the impending famine in Egypt. It was not something he came by as he was walking to the King. I perceive that God must have revealed all these to him perhaps weeks or months before. Also, by acknowledging before Pharaho that it was not in him (Joseph) to give Pharaoh the right meanings of his dreams, Joseph was refraining and distancing himself from touching the Lord's glory (see Isa 42:8; Rev 4:9-11).