Our God hears and answers prayers John 14: 14-15. It is said that a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christain. For example, we can adopt a pattern where at 6am, we focus on worship/thanksgiving. At 9am, it can be Kingdom matters/ God's Generals (Church leaders)/ persecuted Christians etc. At 12 noon we can engage in some spiritual warfare. 3pm can be for Ministry (vision/strategy/anointing). At 6pm, our prayers could centre on families (ours and others), the needy/sick/barren. 9pm can be for Souls/Discipleship, etc. At 12 mid-night, we show gratitude to God for the outgoing day, while we possess the gates of the new day. At 3am, we must engage in real spiritual warefare- pulling down strongholds. You can however develop your own pattern and prayer focus for each of the hours. While at times you may not be able to spend even up to 15 minutes, there would be moments when the Holy Spirit will keep you on for well over 30, 45, or even 60 minutes at a stretch. Of course, there are times when due to journeys or official engagements you may not be able to strictly adhere to the pattern. May the Lord Help us to maximise our days in His presence, may we be refreshed and have God impact our lives, so we can be a blessing to others in Jesus Name.


Another way the earlier Christians maximized their prayer times was that they observed what the Bible referred as the hours of prayer (Acts 3:1; 10:1-3, 9,30) In todays time frame, 3rd hour, 6th hour, 9th hour etc, will mean 9am,12 noon and 3pm respectively. We too can create time and escape into God's presence in the hours of 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm 12 midnight and 3am! Since no one can achieve much without a goal in mind, it will also be wise to tie each of these hours to specific issues or prayer focus so as to help our concentrations.