Truth is very powerful! It liberates and delivers from deceit, manipulation and death. God wants us to know the truth. He wants us empowered. Hence, He gave us his Word- both the written word (the Holy Bible), and the Living Word (the Lord Jesus). God did so, so that we will not be deceived, manipulated or held in bondage. In these our days, Satan and his agents are becoming more subtle than ever, and he wants to forcefully be placed on the fore-front, even wanting to claim superiority, allegiance and worship than JESUS who has conquered him on the Cross at Calvary- all for our sakes. Hence we need to pay special attention to the truth. We should seek the Truth and hold on to it till the very end. Our very lives - our joy, peace and success, etc - depend on it. The following should particularly be noted:


  1. Over-emphasis on Satan and the demonic is always a potential danger.
  2. Satan is evil and powerful, but he is a limited being. He is not parallel to God. rather, he is a created angel who sinned and who cannot go beyond the limits God has set for him.
  3. He was defeated at calvary and he knows he is destined for the lake of burning fire and sulphur (Rev 20:10)- His demons know they have the same destination. so they fear God and the prayer of true Christians (Matt 8:29; Luke 8:31; James 4:7).
    4.Satan wants us to get our eyes on him rather than on God. Some people are more Satan conscious than God-conscious. This is spiritually unwise because it causes one to fear. Christ repeatedly told His disciples to "fear not"