Modern Miracles | The Lord gives and takes away...

This week my wife and I learned that our daughter Lumina's condition might not be what we always thought. What we learned was that her condition is NOT a known variant of Walker Warburg Syndrome and this runs contrary to what we've been told her whole life.

Additionally its important for two reasons: first because we expected definitive answers and second because these results are a message from God: a modern miracle.

You see, this week at church our Pastor asked whether you've seen miracles, and if not, why not? So that got me thinking... does God move and speak into my life?

My first thought is of my miracle child Lumina who defied diagnosis and lives, loves and thrives, despite the expectations of man. You see, "experts" told us she'd die at birth, or IF she lived, her days would be ridden with pain and suffering... they were wrong.

Lumina is exactly what God means her to be, and we know her as He allows, no better, no worse. No test can measure her, or reveal her the way we desire. Only God knows all the days of her life (Psalm 139) and we were fooling ourselves to expect definitive answers.

Like Job we were demanding God answer us, "why?" And like Job we were reminded mankind doesn't get to expect explanations of the Lord.


Our Lil' Sleeping Beauty

These results were a message from God: "you thought a test of man would measure a work of God?"

Its a reminder that none of us know what we "have". No man knows the days they have left, nor the challenges to come. We sometimes act like we do but we are clueless in that moment to God's movements and worse still, the presumption of such a life insults God by taking His grace for granted.

Our God is good, He loves our children more than we ever could, we can and should trust in these truths. Lord I believe, help my unbelief.

Grace is undeserved favor, and each breath, each snuggle, each laugh and moment is an undeserved gift from my living, loving Father in heaven.

He gives and He takes away, praise the Lord.


Job 1:21 English Standard Version (ESV)

21 And he said, “Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Job gets it... do we?

Mankind doesn't get to measure the works of God. Thank you Lord for reminding me of my place. You are patient, you are kind, thank you Lord.

Praise & Prayer:

Thank you that you live, move and speak to us even today. Thank you that when we forget our place you love us enough to teach, rebuke and correct us.

Thank you for our two beautiful, and perfect daughter's, they are exactly whom you intended.

Please Lord help us to raise your children as you desire, so that we might glorify your name and shine your light into this dark and dying world.

God does move still: He is not sleeping nor dead. He lives, he hears, and he replies. This doesn't mean that the Red Sea is parting every day around us, but if we are listen, we will hear His voice.




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