The testimony is a tree of fruits.

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Dear brothers, again I have the pleasure of expressing myself through these short lines, the reason is very special, although really everything is important when it refers to the spiritual part.

Stay with me in this post and I will tell you "The testimony is a tree of fruits


Luke 6: 43-45 God Speaks Today (DHH)
The tree is known for its fruit
43 »There is no good tree that can bear bad fruit, nor is there a bad tree that can bear good fruit. 44 Each tree is known by its fruit: no figs are harvested from the thorns, nor are grapes picked from the brambles. 45 The good man says good things because good is in his heart, and the bad man says bad things because evil is in his heart. For what abounds in his heart speaks his mouth.


The word of God clearly says that the fruits are evidence of what is in our heart, it is a very sure cloud that confirms what abounds in our being. But the question would be: What are we broadcasting to others around us? Do people see us as true Christians?

In the same way every action generates a reaction and it is almost inevitable to stop the side effects of the attitudes we had in any situation.

Today I had the joy of reaping what I have been building so hard to build and although I still continue, I will continue to struggle to maintain my integrity before God, it is gratifying to observe how we are a good example to others.

Let us let Satan stain our testimony, take great care of our actions, all have a degree of responsibility and even more so when we are Christians, it requires commitment with all the strength as all the apostles and ministers did.

If you want the good, sow good things.

God bless you

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