STEEMCHURCH: Enjoying the blessings that the earth gives us thanks to God

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Hello my dear brothers @Steemchurch. Today I share a blessing that the earth gave me at the time I needed most


Throughout the years Venezuela has been a country that has had many riches in terms of vegetables, but in recent years it has become difficult to plant crops due to the shortage of fertilizers in the country due to the difficult economic situation that Venezuela is going through. . . However, we should never lower our heads and be discouraged because in that case it could be even worse, and for that reason I always kept the faith and prayer to Jehovah and the holy spirit so that my plantation be blessed with his sacred hand. and to have food for my family

This prayer was heard by Jehovah and the planting of tomatoes was a miracle, despite not having many fertilizers (urea) that he always used when he was in abundance to have a good harvest. And out of nowhere appeared several signs and the first was the rain followed by 3 hours every morning, being something rare that happens at this time of year in my lands that are located in the north of the Anzoategui state, which is a warm area to the east of Venezuela. Being this as a gigantic miracle that will be feeding me and my beloved family, all this blessing is thanks to the faith I never lost despite the multiple barriers that destiny gave me and my refuge was to pray asking day by day that the holy spirit would put its mantle in my lands to be able to feed my family.


The truth of the matter is that the land gave me many large atypical tomatoes on my land because year after year the tomatoes they gave me were of medium size even with all kinds of fertilizers and now with little fertilizer in the seed. I have a planting with big and pure tomatoes, something I certainly see as a miracle of the holy spirit that gives me this blessing just when my family needed more food to stay in these difficult times that all Venezuelans live due to the difficult situation in the country that we are currently suffering ninety percent of Venezuelans.

However, the moral of everything that happened to me is a sign that one should never lose faith and hope in the holy spirit. And the difficult moments must face with courage and perseverance to be beings of good and abundance in our lives and those of our beloved families.


Genesis 1: 11-12
And God said: Let the earth produce vegetation: herbs that give seed, {and} fruit trees that bear fruit in the earth according to their kind, with their seed in it. And it was like that. And the earth produced vegetation: herbs that give seed according to their species, and trees that bear fruit with their seed in it, according to their species. And God saw that {it was} good.

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