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RE: The Beatitude: The Wind of Change.

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Since my beginning as parishioners of #steemchurch I have admired SK because you are a man of good heart that his fundamental desire has been to promote Christianity in the blockchain and that we can also get a FREEDOM in every way, I admire your courage and courage to every challenge that presents itself, now with the #beatitudes which will be a blessing for all of us who make up steemchurch and all its parishes, I am certain that many lives will be changed and transformed, the kingdom of heaven is taken away by the brave and as brave of God I will always fight for freedom against the oppressor, since childhood I always saw many injustice on the part of the system, but nowadays through steemchurch we can make the change. This is not coincidence, God allows everything and is our time, let us work and fight in this crusade for freedom.


Beautifully said Mosdad.

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this makes me recall a phrase that you said SK:

"when you ask our heavenly Father for guidance, don't be surprised when He provides it."

so do not be surprised by the wonders God will do with #steemchurch