The Beatitude: The Wind of Change.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.

'Peace be with you'.

The Beatitude

'Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.'
Matthew 5:5

The hands of time do turn and soon it shall be ours.

Necessary improvements to the STEEM operating system put our progress on hold - but now, once gain, the dawn of the Beatitude grows near.

Not a capital raising. Not an airdrop. Not an offering. Not a security.

The Beatitude is the supreme blessing to SteemChurch parishioners and contributors, along with other deserved Steemians.

Hundreds will be blessed initially. Those hundreds will then spread these blessings to thousands more. And the thousands will then take the Beatitude to the masses.

Through the divine Beatitude, we shall witness a new age of Christian freedom and prosperity.

How can YOU get involved?

Participate in Church discussions at #steemchurch and do your daily Bible readings at #reliquary are two sure ways to get yourself noticed.

For those who would prefer to contribute to the SteemChurch in other ways you might:

1 - Support projects at our sub-parishes @sc-v, @sc-n, @sc-g and @farms.
2 - Delegate some unneeded SteemPower to @steemchurch.

Over the next few months @steemchurch is seeking to raise 100,000 in SP delegation to fund current and new projects - and to fund the creation of discounted Steem accounts for new parishioners.

Our Church mission:

'To embrace and promote Christianity on the blockchain by spreading the love of God and celebrating the beauty of his creation, building a supportive community and fighting evil in whatever form it might take.'

Our core values

To provide spiritual and moral guidance within the blockchain.
To fight for freedom in life and from oppression and slavery.
To ensure liberty and basic human rights for all mankind.
To celebrate the mother, the father, the children and the family!
To grow supportive communities of faith and build effective Christian leaders.
To give the very best of ourselves as our gift unto God.

We are the 'SteemChurch'

'We are... freedom and liberty in the spirit of Christ'

And the 'Wind of Change' is blowing.

'Scorpions - Wind of Change'


After God, you will always be our Leader, in example, generosity, vision, transparency, your way of saying and doing, are parts of the nature of God in you. God bless you, in each day, count on us.




Since my beginning as parishioners of #steemchurch I have admired SK because you are a man of good heart that his fundamental desire has been to promote Christianity in the blockchain and that we can also get a FREEDOM in every way, I admire your courage and courage to every challenge that presents itself, now with the #beatitudes which will be a blessing for all of us who make up steemchurch and all its parishes, I am certain that many lives will be changed and transformed, the kingdom of heaven is taken away by the brave and as brave of God I will always fight for freedom against the oppressor, since childhood I always saw many injustice on the part of the system, but nowadays through steemchurch we can make the change. This is not coincidence, God allows everything and is our time, let us work and fight in this crusade for freedom.

Beautifully said Mosdad.

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this makes me recall a phrase that you said SK:

"when you ask our heavenly Father for guidance, don't be surprised when He provides it."

so do not be surprised by the wonders God will do with #steemchurch

Great great Sirknight friend, thank God for your life, for your generosity, for being aware of the welfare of all, Thank God for existing.
I bless you with eternal blessings of salvation and wisdom.
Ready to receive the blessing!

Actually, winds of change are blowing across the globe, bringing a sound of freedom. BEATITUDES

Beautiful words gentleman, I think I have fallen in love with my @steemchurch and all its delegations, love @reliquary, try as much as possible to go with the daily readings and read the comments of other parishioners, since God also gives them wisdom and we learn one of the others. I thank God and @edxserverus for introducing me to steemit and @steemchurch. I will put my grain of sand in my community to honor God first and the first church in the block chain.
Blessings @sirknight.

we invite all parishioners and other Steemians, to join this great celebration of the Beatitudes, to be noticed is easy, supporting the parish of their choice, @sc-v, @sc-n, @sc-g.

the Beatitudes will be added to

I think the time is coming for @steemchurch to become a physical church.

I'm waiting for the day of the launch of this modeda. I want to see how this great initiative can help me

Well said! Winds of change, hope will flourish with BEATITUDES!



Very beautiful your message of love, now early in this new dawn of Venezuela, your inspiring words invite fraternal and fruitful communication. Receive my affections, God bless you @sirknight

I am personally ready for the #beatitudes, where we shall be recipients of the #supremeblessings. The @steemchurch family is growing and will continue to grow. God strengthen you for the task ahead.

I really can't wait for this great blessing, the beatitude to come. It is a confirmation that steemchurch is taking over.

The long anticipated beatitude is finally here. How happy I am.

"spreading the love of God and celebrating the beauty of his creation"

This is the world have always imagined, looks like its coming to reality now
You are really a Man of Relevance @sirknight

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Excellent information good friend, God bless your life and that you prosper always as well as your soul prospers.

The beatitude is a blessing from God to all the parishioners of the steemchurch and God is using our kind and caring to send this blessing to us.

Thank you sir for your unselfish interest to us all.

Interesting Publication Caballero, you preach by example and that makes you great. God bless you more and bring the love of God to the world.

Good news, great friend, thank you for your generosity, for being a man with a good heart and worrying about the people of the province.
God bless you and give you wisdom in

Good initiative, excellent information, I will study it to enter, greetings

This sounds good SK, it's like you say, winds of change and hope! However, we all must follow your instructions! we will support!

Excellent friend sirknight, Thank you for being aware of the community, we love you and we bless you from sc-v.

Blessed you are @sirnight, our leader and guide

Excellent our leader, this is how we work as a team to keep our church up, may God bless you, for that gift of helping and ardent struggle for freedom.

Heads up, hands on deck, fingers crossed as we await the arrival of the beatitudes 🤞💯

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It is an honor and privilege to be part of Steemchurch, Every day we must contribute so that those goals are achieved in their entirety.