MEETUP| Celebrating the first Anniversary of SteemChurch

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Hi Christian Family of the Church of Steem / @steemchurch

10 / December / 2018, One year after the creation of this prestigious community by @sirknight, a group of new steemians were encouraged to hold a small meeting to celebrate the First Anniversary of SteemChurch.

I confess that at the beginning of this proposal I refused to consider that there are many parishioners who have been traversed with a lot of sadness, and I am even fighting for my mother's illness myself.

However my Mother told me that we should celebrate the good times of life and more when it comes to the things of Christianity.

We cry with those who cry but we also laugh with those who laugh. Many of the people who accompany me in the work of steemchurch, today smile for the help they get from the Church.

They wanted to emigrate and leave Venezuela for mega inflation, however, I presented them with an opportunity to achieve financial freedom in the Steem ecosystem, especially with steemchurch.

This encouraged me to spend a different day and celebrate family, life, the love of God.

It was a simple meeting, they left their jobs but we had a great time. If there is something that I would like to change in the world, it is the sorrows for the Joys.

Look here at this magical moment:

Today we name all parishioners who actively participate in SteemChurch, their trajectories, their dreams and those who participated in the contest. In fact, as promised, we placed the winning logo of the contest, made by @kristal01, who won this honor, 5 Steem, plus a special visit from @Sniffnscurry.

Thanks @kristal01



This billboard was made by a girl for steemchurch, great gesture.
20181210_175646.jpg Thanks girl Leanny for this gift.

Large humans, we must imitate children more, put aside evil and selfishness and serve God with simplicity and love as did the greatest man in the universe: Jesus Christ.




Thanks new steemians
Thank you dear brothers of SteemChurch.

Today we say thanks to Mr. Caballero for being an instrument of God to create SteemChurch, thanks to all the parishioners of the different parishes that have been sheltered by this Church and, that day by day show that the Gospel is not for profit, but to celebrate God's salvation and share it in the world.

Today we also invite all the Apostles, wherever they may be, to return home.

SteemChurch will be bigger when on each continent there is a physical headquarters that has support from heaven and also enough Steem Power to fund evangelistic crusades, feed hunger, and save lives around the globe.

For now there are 3 parishes (@sc-n @sc-v, @sc-g, a @farms and @reliquary that is in charge of recording the Bible in the Blockchain).

Therefore, keep your eyes on Jesus and fight for Freedom.

Today we say from the chain of blocks for the world: Happy Anniversary SteemChurch, Long life.

Our website:



This is indeed very lovely, in the spirit of the anniversary, great love from nigeria.

Thank you kind Priestess, equally much love for @sc-n

Great words of a man of God.
We love SteemChurch, we love Christ, we love the family ... what joy I feel to see the logo that I designed in that beautiful cake, my brothers are happy. Today I send special thanks to SteemChurch, @Sirknight and Ceo @emiliocabreran for being humble people who honor God in everything.

Happy Anniversary dear SteemChurch, blessings forever.

Thanks Kristal, but my words are simple, only God gives us his grace and sounds good hehe. Today we talk about your great design, they want a contact number of yours hahaha

Wow.... Still in the spirit of oneness and togetherness i say congrats to steemchurch venezuela for this wonderful stuff. The cake is lovely but i bet you its not as lovely as the people here.
Beautiful cake with good and wonderful people
Happy Anniversary steemchurch

Thank you dear brother for your beautiful words... and the chronicles? hehe

It was a good moment thanks to God and to all those who, despite the haste, left their occupations to celebrate this 1 year anniversary of our beloved Steemchurch.
I can not pass up a thank you to our dear CEO @emiliocabrera for being a great man of noble heart and concern for others who despite having a difficult situation at this time for the situation of his mother decided that we share the moment. Thank you love God has great things for you.

Thanks to you beautiful wife, and thanks to the gentleman for creating a Church for all, which does not discriminate, but with love seeks the happiness of the families of the earth.

Love the look of that cake Your Grace and it appears that a good time was had by all. Excellent!


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Yes SK, it was an unforgettable moment, in fact we laughed a lot because we are wrong in the pronunciation of English hahaha

The cake, in addition to beautiful, was very tasty.

Happy anniversary to @steemchurch. God bless all our leaders and parishioners. I had planned to have a cake made by my new Steemit invitees - @zellypearl, though, it didn't come through due to some technical issues I had with my systems that kept me virtually out of the office for days. We in Uyo will certainly keep this memories alive in the coming days. @Zellypearl will do the cake will @goodnewsokon will do the arts. They are both trainees in my hub.

Grettings dear Brothers and Sisters! Excellent


Also I join this celebration, pass it well in addition to meet in person some Steemias. Happy Anniversary Steemchurch.

Cool Sister, very much thanks you

It's a very emotional day at SteemChurch, beautiful cake, the video's fireworks create a festive atmosphere for the first Blockchain Church. I tell Venezuelans that we fight for this Country and for all the needy peoples of the world.



Amen @albaa very much thanks you.

Congratulations steemchurch, the cake is very tasty, in my piece of cake to the address: Caracas - Venezuela jajajajajaja. just kidding...

Hahaha gladly brother, that cake was very delicious and @lorennys only gave me a small portion because I'm high in fat.

I am very grateful to God for having put me in the path of this beautiful family as @SteemChurch is and giving me the opportunity to celebrate their first anniversary with them. Congratulations to the entire @SteemChurch family

Happy anniversary for @steemchurch. Been grateful with God for having given me the opportunity to celebrate this first year of this grand trend and that blesses us to celebrate many years.

Excellent celebration, I enjoy with those who enjoy happiness .. @emiliocabrera
Blessings and long life to steemchurch

Thanks Sister Ricci.

A Cake Worthy of the First Anniversary Celebration of the Church of Christ in the Blockchain. To you, my brothers, my hugs and affection and best wishes to all our brothers in Steemchurch throughout the world.

Thanks Brother Ruben, beatifull words. God bless you.

Ummm that rich cake, God bless all the Christians of SteemChurch, that love and harmony always reign. Happy Anniversary @steemchurch

Thanks Brother

Congratulations on this one year anniversary.

Steemchurch is doing great work.

Very much thanks you @pensiff

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You are magnificent. Thanks

Glory to God for this day of SteemChurch. I had a lot of fun with all the brothers and friends. I hope many people know this great community. I do not speak English but, I tried to do the best I could, hahaha. God bless everyone and happy anniversary steemchurch. Great video.

Hahaha thank you for all the effort you did today @ammarn


This is a great celebration by sc-v, I also join you to celebrate together. Steemchurch motives is to make everybody happy all the time- thus freedom for all. Thank you people of Venezuela!

My brothers! they look beautiful! It is a great joy to see you share in this anniversary, I regret that I could not go because my daughter emigrated abroad and I felt very sad. God I warm my heart with this publication and that video. I love you so much.

Happy Anniversary #Steemchurch

I'm sorry Sister ... There will be days when you can attend. I will pray for your daughter who emigrated. God bless you. Thanks

Congratulations to @Steemchurch for her first anniversary celebration. It can only get better. God bless @sirknight

Excelente presentación. Fue un momento emotivo y placentero. estuve allí, me sentí muy satisfecha por compartir este lindo aniversario de @steemchurch. GRACIAS POR PERMITIR MI PARTICIPACIÓN. @emiliocabrera dios guíe tu espíritu a la fortaleza.


Thanks @windermarin, how are you?

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