remember we are also at

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Remember that we are also on our beautiful

we get everywhere with our publications of the best preachings.

bringing the teachings and good values ​​to all parts of the world.


Apostle DM


Wow! Great message about the family, the new steemans we are famous and hahaha, Blessings to

Hi Apostle Marcelo, Good update of the website of steemchurch, in this Christmas I will divulge among my relatives this site and also the one of the Church where I attend. The word of God is the best.

Thank you for your great updates Apostle Marcelo, it is good to have you back with us, many people admire your humility, your love for God and your love for the family.

Thank you Apostol Marcelo for the great work you do to read and choose the publications of the parishioners to update them on the website. This allows the word we preach to travel the world through

Hi Friends, a little disconnected for lack of internet, I was reviewing the website and I was thrilled to see that we are making history in the world with SteemChurch.

God does wonderful things technology for the expansion of the gospel ... Greetings Apostle Marcelo great work. Blessings...

Thank God you're back and stronger at your post brother @Marcelo182. More grace, you are a blessing to us in @steemchurch.

Great info. God bless steemchurch

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