STEEMCHURCH Introducing the flag that will represent us in the world!

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Dear Community!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communication of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.
2 Corinthians 13:14

Representative sample of the Christian flag that we want to represent us in the world!



The flag has always been a symbol representing a sovereign state, a country, state, municipality, organization, society, clan, crown, kingdom, people or even a family. In addition, a flag also represents an ideology and a message.

What is the message that our flag represents:

"To embrace and promote Christianity in the chain of blocks, spreading the love of God and celebrating the beauty of its creation, building a community of support and fighting against evil in whatever form it can take".

Based on this mission, building a support community, we will also go to the world to raise this flag high, we will leave an indelible mark of love and steemchurch will be bigger.


As the days, months, years and centuries pass, this flag will be raised with pride in many parts of the world, leaving traces of love!

How to build a support community?

What can you do to raise this Christian Flag?

1 Work for God and for this Church with commitment and determination!

2 Show your Gifts: publish, comment and show to steemchurch your talents, your initiatives and how you can positively affect your society.

3 If you have finished college, show us your profession and how you could contribute this to free the world!

4 Delegate some SP to steemchurch (100,000 SP is the goal we want to achieve in the coming months), some offerings and tithes will go to the world to leave a trace of love and proudly raise the banner of Christianity.

5 Some other ideas are accepted, analyzed and possibly selected.

At SteemChurch we know that there are many bright and incredible minds.

The Executive Management of SteemChurch, wishes you the best of luck and wishes you great blessings!


In everything I have taught you that, working thus, you should help the needy, and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, who said: It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Acts 20:35


image (1).png

It is time to work and design a Christian flag that represents us in the world!

We look forward to your designs!



Your attention please!

This logo is a representative sample of what we want to do, however, as an inclusive Church, we offer the opportunity to all parishioners to have the option to design the banner of Christianity that we want to represent us in the world.

Thank you.


Very good steam church, although I like that flag, I will participate, I like to design.

Thanks steemchurch, interesting!

Let's all join hands together to keep the flag flying

Wow! Let's raise the banner of Christianity in the crusade for freedom!

I'm ready


This is amazing... Let's rise and fight for the Holy flag of Christianity.

This beautiful flag shows us that when Jesus Christ is enunciated in a place and we share his love, great things happen. steemchurch empowering. Long life and success!

God is the first the standard of our nation. The flag that will go on from now on as a shield to go out for those people who need that uncoditional love that word ..

I think that there are many ways to continue building support communities and talents that God gives.

Let's think that this is a door that God opens for us to be doers and contibulate with the positive things that this community gives

I am 100% available to you and first of God. We are going to continue to see the glory of God is this beautiful community that grows day by day and that is being given much to know. Blessings

Diseño sin título 2.2.jpg

God desires that every Christian be committed to his Kingdom, that every Christian show to the world what the Crusade for Freedom means.

Church you are blessed, carrier of great virtues, the Lord Jesus Christ goes before you as a mighty giant. We will raise the flag and we will have victory. Beautiful design. I like very much!

the flag is beautiful. You are a good designer Archbishop Emilio.

Later we can make this flag big. to represent us as a Christian community in the next marches for Jesus and evangelism.

If the apostle Marcelo, SteemChurch will accompany us in the next season, in fact, I already made the holy promise to execute that. hehe, I hope the parishioners will surprise us with a better design. Thank you

This is amazing. Together we can fight the good fight of faith

This flag is beautiful and lovely.

We must support and work for steemchurch in every way we know

This is really amazing.
"...leaving the footprints of love..." is quite all-encompassing and humanity-minded. I see @steemchurch creating waves and bringing #freedom from the blockchain to the impoverished world. Thank you Archbishop EC for this call to action. I will soon begin my personal projects to preach and show #freedom for everyone around me.

I'm very excited to see our @steemchurch beyond, this will be much more than expected. We will raise our flag with pride. blessed are you @steemchurch.

Gloria a DIOS, todo lo que sea posible para exaltar el nombre de nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Muy contento, feliz y sobretodo bendecido de poder encontrar aquí una iglesia del Señor y seguir a @steemchurch.
DIOS les bendiga, desde Marruecos.

It is a fine flag, one that can be flown proudly.

A Dollar A Day is very happy to be working with Steemchurch helping worthy projects around the world.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

and as Jesus did with his people, he showed his love by letting everyone be a part of Christianity and taking his word, so he is doing @steemchurch encouraging the parishioners to share and be included in everything that this beautiful has to do draft. I bless you greatly!

God bless my brother, all with one mission and united.

It is a great initiative, the representation of a Christian flag in the world, contributes to the crusade for Freedom! I will put the best of myself and make a design.

steemchurch should promote help to brothers who have little voting power because they can not do much like commenting and publishing by means of a follow-up to their work since I see that they always vote for the same people leave aside very good publications thank you, God bless you

I hear you Amis, after a difficult HF20, we are believing that this is for the best, SteemChurch is a community under construction that needs more of us! When we serve God, he always rewards us. We want to build trust inside and outside the Blockchain. Do not fall in despair. Greetings.

beautiful design brother @ emiliocabrera, our best flag "Jesus Christ", united by the freedom of souls in the world.

Does that mean I can design another flag?

If @Iso, as an inclusive Church, parishioners have the opportunity to make various design proposals.

We must inspire and participate giving glory to God, in every design, blessings