Gestures speak of love in the couple

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Like emotions (joy, sadness, anger...), the gestures given to two people who love each other are universal. And those displays of love have no time and do not depend on the many or few years the couple wear sits together. The gazes of complicity are the most visible expression of love, the first thing that others detect. "Although two people who love each other are sitting at each end of a table, whenever they look at each other they are saying that they don't forget each other, that they are looking out for each other," explains Mila Cahue, a partner psychologist and author of "The Happy Brain" and "Love of Each Other"," explains Mila Cahue, a couples expert psychologist and author of "The Happy Brain" and "Love of Each Other", good."

However, there are many other nods among those who love that sometimes they cannot be perceived and will never be detected by others, since they belong to that intimate sphere that only the couple shares and that makes them special to each other. "These are codes that go unnoticed by the rest of the people around, that only capture and have a meaning for the members of the couple. Getting in between in a very subtle way when one knows that the other is bothered by something, talking or shutting up or throwing a cap to avoid a conversation that the other dislikes are those intimate gestures, only exclusive to them. And that no one perceives," Cahue says.

After the look, in the body posture you can also read that two people love each other. "Even if they are separated and far away," Says Cahue, "if you will, they keep the position of the body and face directed at the other person, demonstrating convergence. If there is no such harmony, everyone goes to their own air, they turn their backs, they look to different sides and they don't take care when they talk."

There are more difficult gestures of love to detect. The psychologist explains some of them: "The connection with the loved one is also demonstrated when the pupil dilates. When they touch with loving and delicate gestures, such as passing your hand gently over your shoulder. When in the company of a group, the couple is estranged and ends up shortening that distance and joining together. When the tone with which they talk to each other is more confidential and low in volume, not because they want to keep something secret but because there is complicity. Complicity is accompanied by a gesture of understanding: "we agree"; of a smile and a relaxed face."

On a day-to-day basis

And in the daytime the displays of affection are continuous. "Always based on respect," Cahue says. "Calls on a daily basis to see how you are, to report whether or not you're going to eat as a form of respect for the person with whom you live and share space, time and life, not as a way to ask permission," he says.

Between two people who love each other every day there is always a small gesture of recognition, attention and affection, which shows that the other is special. Cahue illustrates this with some examples: "Preparing a special thing for dinner, buying tickets to see a movie at the cinema at the weekend, kissing before going to work or good night, wanting to get home or getting the f week for being together."

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