Covid 19 - 3rd Easter Of Sunday

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A through back of how life use to be before we were restrained from hugs and fellowship. We use to goto work, greet and hug work colleagues. Some even exchange kisses. But now greetings have become telepathic.It is either you continue in your awesome silence(distance from people) or contract a disease capable of bringing you near death or to death itself.
Throw back of Church

Today is a Sunday and a typical Sunday would have been spent in church. Our rooms have become churches. How are we supposed to grow our spirituality with effectual fellowship with the saints. Some say witty inventions have come to the aid. But then very few people have caught up to the current erra with a plethora of persons lying abyss not knowing what is even going on.


We will do our part and as a Christian and a videographer, i was task to produce a video of our church service so that the whole congregation can enjoy and stay in fellowship with us. We are not in normal times and we ought to appreciate what we have got. The preacher preached about the Emmaus Journey. It was actually my first time hearing about it and i was quite curious to know what it was. Below is a summary of what the preacher talked about.

Jesus patiently led two disciples through their journeys, guiding them and counseling them, yet they did not recognised him. Christ had risen and was with them and yet they sought for his presence. Many Christians are lost in same way and it takes faith in God to see Christ and to believe. Luke 24:13-34.

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