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Great @Sirknight, I think you deserve much more of the blessings. Thank you for allowing God use you to build this home for all of us. Steemchurch is a mother community. Like I always say, @Steemchurch is going to birth more love-giving and love-sharing projects on the blockchain and beyond. I am a witness to this fact and soon, I'll too tell my story.

God bless you @Sirknight. The Success Story of @Steemchurch can never be complete without you!

As for @Darlenys01, she continues to be a great surge of inspiration to to me. Each day I see @sc-v grow and go places, I am confident that the grand children of Steemchurch will become legacies in themselves. God bless you Ma.

Happy Anniversary to @Steemchurch!


Thanks @uyobong, you are also part of this army that will impact lives!

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