SteemCity - City Simulator Game Utilizing NFT's Hits the STEEM Blockchain

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SteemCity is a text based city simulator game built on the STEEM blockchain utilizing NFT tokens to represent in-game assets.

The game is still in early stages, but we're pumped to see game creator @gerber dive into Steem-Engines NFT technology with this fun and functional use case.

There's no doubt we are witnessing the future of gaming unfold right before our eyes!

#SteemCity currently does not have a web based UI although we understand this is on the road map. Instead, your city is built and managed through Discord where the games bots will let you know just how well you're doing.. Your cities assets are known as "Cards", this includes housing, businesses, recreational facilities, workers, homeless, and immigrants. All of which are Digital Collectible Assets on the STEEM blockchain!

Join the SteemCity Discord today, new players are receiving 1 FREE airdrop of a city assets to get you started, while supplies last.

Additional cards are purchased for 4 STEEM each and are represented by unique NFT's on the STEEM blockchain. You own these game assets in your STEEM wallet!

But here's the thing, the cards you receive from purchase are random and you never know what you're going to get! That 4 STEEM could be a new Basic Home to add +4 to population, or an Apartment adding +20 to your population...

Apartments are much more valuable to your cities economy overall, and they're more scarce than your basic home. Chance of landing a Basic Home, 30%, chance of landing an Apartment, 5%. For this reason you can see that the Apartment is much more valuable, and this asset can also be sold on the market if you so desire!

Have you optimized to generate income, do you have enough workers to fill your factories, are you capitalizing on population boosts by increasing popularity, have you put your cities homeless and immigrant population to work?

All of this info is available at the click of a button, or should I say by typing a few commands into discord to have the bot spit back the desired info!

Managing Your City

Congrats, you are now in charge of small city! Many lives depend on your ability to balance the economy and population in order to prosper.

What You Need to Know:

Population = workforce, you'll need to acquire housing in order to increase your city's population.

Workers, every business in your city requires a certain amount of workers in order to operate and produce Income.

Businesses also provide a popularity boost

This handy grid by @ironshield illustrates what each card represents. You can see that each business has its own unique requirements for workers and provides its own popularity boost. Housing does not provide a popularity boost.

Popularity is important because it provides a bonus to your population which in turn can allow you to operate more business, and generate more income

Income is the revenue your city is generating and this metric is used to detmerine how many SIMS tokens you receive on a daily basis. SIMS tokens can be used to purchase additional game cards
at 800 SIMS a pop, or sold on the Steem-Engine DEX.

The above info should start to build a picture of how you'll need to manage your city accordingly, in order to increase population, increase popularity, and generate income!

SteemCITY Rules

Here are the basic game mechanics. Much of this was mentioned above in describing the game, but this is a more complete list for you:

How many People living in your City

How much SIM tokens you earning daily

Bonus to Population, 100 = 10%

There is 2%-50% chance ( based on popularity) to receive Homeless / Immigrants card (+population -popularity).

To receive income from building you need to have enough people(population) to work there.

Crime rate
Going up with high population and with every homeless/immigrants, reduced with Police Station, Gym, Cinema.

With high crime rate your Bank or Shopping Mall can get robbed and you will lose some income( less SIM distributed to you ).

SteemCITY Rewards

There are 2 reward pools:

SIM tokens
You earning SIM tokens daily based in your city income, you can sell them on SE or buy more cards with it.

STEEM reward pool
50% from card sales and post rewards goes to steem pool, 10% of that is distributed weekly based on top100 ranking by population.

SteemCity Cards

Basic Home - rarity: 30%
population: 4, income: 1

Luxury Home - rarity: 15%
population: 3, income: 2

Apartment - rarity: 5%
population: 20, income: 5

Cinema - rarity: 3%
income: 15, popularity: 8, workers: 20 - decrease crime rate

Factory - rarity: 5%
income: 20, popularity: 5, workers: 40

Weed Dispensary - rarity: 3%
income: 10, popularity: 10, workers: 10

Airport - rarity: 3%
income: 20, popularity: 12, workers: 30

Shopping Mall - rarity: 5%
income: 15, popularity: 8, workers: 20

Police Station - rarity: 5%
income: 5, popularity: 6, workers: 15 - decrease crime rate

Restaurant - rarity: 6%
income: 10, popularity: 8, workers: 10

Zoo - rarity: 4%
income: 10, popularity: 8, workers: 20

Gym - rarity: 4%
income: 5, popularity: 8, workers: 20 - decrease crime rate

Steem Sign - rarity: 1%
income: 5, popularity: 20, workers: 20

Circus - rarity: 3%
income: 10, popularity: 10, workers: 20

Garbage Dump - rarity: 3%
income: 0, popularity: -30, workers: 10 - popularity on that one is reversed if you have more than 10 different cards

Bank - rarity: 3%
income: 30, popularity: 10, workers: 20

population: 1, popularity: -1

population: 2, popularity: -2

Join the SteemCity Discord today, new players are receiving 1 FREE city asset while supplies last.


Really wish they would put this game onto a website with a beautiful interface

I've been using this guy - - think @mys made it.

Oh wow thanks, This actually is functional :D
I have seen the pics in discord, but I thought that was just to see how your city looks like with the interface

All in good time sir!

Supposedly in the works

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I have an unmanned police station! LOL. I wanted a weed dispensary and got cops instead.

Having fun with this game, looking forward to being able to "see" my city on my laptop.

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Is this game even live somewhere? Or it's coming?

It’s live. Go check it out.

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