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RE: How I Post On A Site That Doesn't Really Exist: The Amazing Case Of the Steem Blockchain

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Yes. It was good to still be able to use esteem on the phone or chainbb and on the pc even while it was down.. But it got me thinking about my wallet and steem power. If steemit went down (not that its likely) would there be a clear way to get to our steem power/ SBD/ Steem?


The blockchain is very difficult to be taken down by a DDoS (although not impossible, as we've seen in Ethereum, for instance). So even if the site,, is down, you can still interact with the blockchain by using a command line tool, or a JavaScript or PHP library.

ohh I have never used command line but remember theprophet0 bringing it up at some point. Talking about peerplays or something. and by interacting with the blockchain in command line, even if steemit were down I can power down and power up steem power and send steem out of my account through there? If so I guess I need to learn some command line just to know it.. Thanks for the quick response!