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RE: How I Post On A Site That Doesn't Really Exist: The Amazing Case Of the Steem Blockchain

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Out of interest, the author payment registered on this post is zero, which is weird. If you're posting from nowhere is that where your rewards go? Wouldn't steemit still pick them up though, even if you're writing from elsewhere in the steem environment? Or did you set it up through some kind of commission arrangement, a bit like dtube?


I think it's a glitch in the UI of the app you're using. On it shows $3.98, but on eSteem I checked it now and it says 0. So it's because of something in eSteem.

I was looking on Steemit. The $3.98 is all curator rewards. There would typically be another $12 or so of author rewards which appear to have vanished into the ether.

It may be a UI bug, the post had a "split beneficiaries" policy, and probably because of that. But I got that author reward.