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RE: How I Post On A Site That Doesn't Really Exist: The Amazing Case Of the Steem Blockchain

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Is it possible to DDOS the witness nodes? I would imagine if you could DDOS the top 100 or so witnesses that would pretty much bring down the blockchain. Am I correct in that thinking? Are there enough active witness nodes to make that not feasible?


Witness nodes are not DDoS-able. Each witness has its own IP and the amount of necessary resources to bring down 20-30 different IPs would be unconceivable and even if you manage that, there are 100 witnesses, so the rest of 70 will be scheduled in the place of the non-working ones. You simply can't break this shit.

Are you sure about that? I don't think the number of different IP addresses matters, it's how much traffic the servers behind that IP address can handle. A typical large website will usually have one IP address but that goes to a load balancer which distributes the requests to any number of servers. The more servers, the more traffic it can handle.

I would guess that can handle much more traffic than a single witness node so I guess the question is how much traffic does it take to bring down a single witness node and then from that you can see if it's reasonably possible to bring down 100 of them.