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I have been working with the CEO of No Limit Fantasy Sports (creators of No Limit Coin) - Which powers such websites as &

No Limit Fantasy Sports has a very active community with thousands of DAU during certain sports season, like the NFL coming up. And NL Fantasy Sports wants to join the Steem Community by adding Steem Connect/Keychain, or both, with plans of a Steem-Engine token.

NLFS or "NLC" is a grassroots movement. The website has been operational long before cryptocurrency was integrated. In 2016, NLC was born, no ICO, just a community-driven project. During the last crypto bull run, NLC was consistently a top 100 coin, almost reaching top 50 at one point.

The community are winners and will fit well with Steemians. They have stuck it out through the prolonged bear market and are still very passionate about the project.

My call to action today is we need a Steem developer that is willing to integrate Steem Connect /Keychain into the site. I will pay for this to be done; I just need a developer that knows how and will do it. From there we will need some help with Steem-Engine integration, but that comes after Steem Connect/Keychain.

If you know any developer, please tell them to reach out, comment below or message me on discord at dhenz
#7687 - Thank you!

This is apart of a larger overall effort to bring more businesses to Steem. My goal is to find great projects that could leverage integrating Steem into their business.


Howabout Keychain? Maybe @yabapmatt could help.

I'm not a developer but his site looking very cool and I think I will try it out

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I would love tu play both websites when it is implemented! Thank you Dan!

An already established community wants to join Steem?! That is great news. I'm sure there's someone willing to do the integration.

I don't know how to specifically find you on discord, but I can possibly help with this. I'm revo on discord.

THIS is a cooperation which would actually make sense. Why you no steem aliance?

Are they still affiliated with the YouTuber @crypto-daily?

Keychain is easy to use, but for Mobile phones steemconnect is the solution, what about both options?

This is great. Would be nice if they can have some kind of partnership with the SportsTtalk.Social tribe to.

That is great lovely Dan! I sometimes understand why you are Hero when it comes to crpto and Steem matter, you always dive into crpto and Steem and the possible means that will benefits Steemians and those who love to refect on crpto and Steem! I really your ideology and what you stand from, that is why you are Dan! Cheers lovely mentor, I am also @oppongk!

Great effort. Thanks! Resteemed.

That's gonna be a very big thing dan all the best !

Did you talk to @aggroed , @yabamatt or @holger80 about it. Think they are best guys for keychain and if they can't do it they might no somebody else who is capable with getting it sorted.

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I think inertia is good on this, though I'm not so sure but I think he know this kind of thing. What do you think, @inertia?

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It is a great idea to link this type of sports projects with the Steemit platform.

It will easily fit in with the Steem community and the integration will be really smooth, it's definitely a brilliant idea. I'll like to see how it pans out, maybe you'll update us on how it turns out

This sounds like a great idea. Your effort to make this happen is greatly appreciated.
Suggestion: I wonder see if integrating into Steem-Engine as s separate Tribe with a 1:1 Token airdrop would be an easier solution as it uses pre-existing parts and only requires capitol to purchase the coin. This would result in a tribe where every one holds coins in proportion to their previous holdings and no new solutions needed. DrugWars returned to Steemit this week under exactly these circumstances issuing a new coin and doing a one for one swap.

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Resteemed!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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I hope you get someone soon so we start enjoying it with steem accounts

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I appreciate all your efforts to develop steem, Dan. I hope that it will be successful. Have a nice day.

You the man, Dan!!

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Thats a cool initiative and I hope it can be worked out

@theycallmedan, This Collaborative step is very appreciable and great to know that you've communicated with this Company. If we achieve to bring sports related companies and platforms on Steem Blockchain then adoption will not be late aspect. Keep up and my good wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

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For Keychain i think @holger80 and @steemchiller both have the skill to do it.

As far i know @holger80 write some code for Steem-Engine too, so he should also know how integration works for Steem-Engine.

Hope it helps :)

@theycallmedan I am curating content constantly for steem members from Asian continent members and specially for tag India. It will be great if you spread a helping hand for us to curate and promote steem.

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Doing my best, I only have some much SP/time.

Thank you for replying. Yeah see how much you actively curate. If there any chance try to delegate little sp that will help the community.

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When I joined steem 2 years ago my first thought was that this blockchain would flourish with fantasy football. Millions are playing and using the rewards pool for prizes would be epic!

Resteemed in hopes someone with skills finds you.

Also recommend talented developer known as @privex who the team at Steem-Engine say was responsible for creating to the “Crypto-Converter”, a software construct which allows other cryptos on the EOS blockchain to be traded on the Steem Engine exchange.
He seems knowledgeable of cross chain constructs, so he / she may be a good one to help.

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