Free 3D Illustration Contribution- Red Steem 💥

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This is a free 3D Illustration that i made today and that you can use if you want. Today is colorchallenge Monday Red so that was the inspiration. For the surface of the Steem logo I used brushed anodized Red color.
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My goal is to make more artwork that can be used by the community to promote Steemit and Steem. This is a png image so there is no background. This makes it very easy to work with if you want to combine with other artwork that you have. You just click on it and save it and it's ready to use.
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Not everyone has photoshop or 3D programs, so hopefully this illustrations can be of value.
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This illustration can be used by you personally and you can also use it for commercial use !
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Hope you like the illustration and please leave a comment if you do :)This contribution is added under the tag #steemcreations which is a great initiative by @runicar to share your resources and give back to the community ! Check it out there might be more interesting thing you find there :)
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I will be getting my upvoting power back soon and when I do I'll be able to help out with a little more love!

Hehe no worries :) Actually the opposite is true for me. I leased some SP which is running out any hour now hehe. I think perhaps I will try it again :)

absolutely love this design and the color!

Thanks a lot ! Red is one of my favorite colors :)

I like this a lot! Super rich red. Is this for the Chinese national holiday or is it a coincidence? :)

Haha it is pretty good timing hehe:) there are red flags hanging everywhere over town. Everyone is on holiday. I'm still working as normal though as I follow the holiday schedualenof Sweden. However it is very calm at the office that's for sure :)

lol it's! That's great actually. You get to enjoy the peace for a while!

Definitely is nice for a change hehe

The Steemit Coat of Arms of Dracula. Fantastic design once again too!

Thanks a lot buddy !

No worries mate!

Sexy, I like it!

Thanks Mate :)

best way to contributions.
awesome bro

You really have a feeling for a nice one. You're doing the logo as if it's the simplest thing, and in fact you need to have an extraordinary talent - you definitely have it. If you can do one Steemit logo for Serbia, and one for Macedonia - I would be very grateful to you.

I will try to make that for sure ! Thanks for your kind compliments


amazing design @dandesign86
i hope me can show my design to

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Red isnt one of my favorite colors but the shades and blue touches on this I really love

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Love it! Keep 'em coming!

Thank you ! I sure will :)

I Love That Design Bro, But Actually I'll Love If You Make More In Red Color !!