CONTEST! The Steem Creators Conference Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway! | Introduction

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You have a date in Toronto this September 5-8 and you can´t miss it.

I mean, there is no excuse to not attend, I´ll tell you why.

@coruscate and I will give the winner of this contest a Double Ticket for the Conference AND will cover some of the accomodation expenses. This means that if you win you only need to worry about the plane tickets and to deal with the boss about those days off from work.

The best part? You can take your partner or a friend to this amazing event!

Hey Eric, what do I have to do to win this double ticket?

Well, first of all you have to know what the Steem Creators Conference is about, it´s not like we are giving a ticket to someone who´s not familiar with the event! So, wait no more and go read my small introduction post or you can go directly to the website and get in line the programm and see what´s the deal with this interesting and full of Steemians event.

Are you familiar with the event yet? Perfect, now for...

General Info

This will be a fun contest so forget about your serious hat and put on your kid´s costume... we are taking you on a treasure hunt!

You will have to follow each step in @coruscate´s post The Steem Creators Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway and, after you find out the title, the subject of the post and the tags, you will have to make a post. This post will be your entry for the contest.


1 - All the entries must fulfill all the requirements specified in the treasure hunt. Any post that doesn´t have the correct title, subject or tags will not be eligible to win.
2- Only one post per person.
3 - You have until August 29th at 21:00 PST to submit your entry.
4 - You have to Resteem this post. I´m not keen on asking people to RS my posts but we really want a lot of people joining this contest. If we have a lot of entries we might be able to give out another double ticket so please, RS this post.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the Treasure Hunt Post by @coruscate!


This contest is an idea by @coruscate and @anomadsoul and we are organizing it because we want to see you there, not because someone asked us to do it.


Absolutely Awesome!!!!! @anomadsoul & @coruscate did an amazing job. What fun. Great PRIZE!!! You 2 are so creative. This is so exciting. When each of you take the stage at the conference you will blow the doors off. We know that. Encourage anyone who is on the fence about going to the conference to come. You can learn from the best & meet so many incredible people. Love it all. See everyone in Toronto. -resteemed-

@anomadsoul, That's awesome collaboration and through this Collaborative efforts you are giving extra opportunity to whoever going to win this contest.

And yes, whoever will going to win this contest they are lucky because for sure they will going to meet Amazing, Productive and Creative Steemians.

And cool idea of Treasure Hunt contest and in my opinion some awesome and fun posts are waiting ahead and want to wish good luck to every participant.

So keep up and this collaborative efforts by you and @coruscate is really appreciable. Have an productive and fun day ahead.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Focusing on Steemfest 3 here, but this is a really awesome opportunity for someone!


Exactly! Just that the SC is in just a few days, so it doesn´t hurt to shill it a bit :D

I mean, I'd be tempted, but this ticket is looking like 600 STEEM and that's just out of my budget right now. Mind you, I do live on an Island and so I'm sure many folks in the Americas could get there really cheap, so putting up the ticket and some of the accom. would really work for them.

Get hunting people, blog/vlog the trip and you'll likely cover most of your costs back :D

You got a 42.08% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

Wow amigo @anomadsoul esto es genial. Apoyaré con mi re-steem ya que (así ganase el concurso) no tengo Visa jaja (sinceramente no se si se requiere visa), recuerda que vivo en Venezuela jaja.
Los acompaño con mi buena vibra y mis mejores energías, sigamos confiando en Steemit con la esperanza de que todo estará mejor PRONTO.
Un abrazo enorme compa.
Wow friend @anomadsoul this is great. I will support with my re-steem because (if I win the contest) I don't have a hahaha visa (I honestly don't know if a visa is required), remember that I live in Venezuela haha.
I accompany them with my good vibes and my best energies, let's keep on trusting Steemit with the hope that everything will be better SOON.
A huge hug compa.

I tagged this right, but still--just so you don't miss it:

Love this contest! Thank you guys for doing it.

That's a generous contest @anomadsoul @coruscate
Though I'm not able to go to Toronto, I've resteemed your contest posts.
Have a great time! 😉

Yeah, Canada

One more question I am newbie on steemit. Could please let me know about steemit that what will be the future of steemit? Thanks

How to improve and upgrade reputation? Please

que mal no podría pagar el avión :(

I am sure that someone will be very happy with the victory. Your nobility will come back to you.

Я уверен, что кто-то очень обрадуется победе. Ваша благородность обязательно Вам вернется.

I love this! I saw the post from @rhondak and then @coruscate! I am so very excited. My love Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) is getting so nervous! We are ready to get there!

Good luck to everyone in the contest!

Sounds great @anomadsoul ! good luck everyone. Will upvote and resteem for you, will likely not have time to enter, but wish all the best for everyone else!😄💕✌

I've just seen the post and it's way past August 29,...wish to attend the conference but seriously, even if I win if I contest, I can't afford the flight tickets from my country down there... It will be fun though...
Success to all those attending.

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