My favorite Cryptocurrency and how we can get businesses to accept steem

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I have been involved in crypto space for over 3 years now. steem can be introduced as one of the most traded deals.Although I knew about cryptocurrency in earlier times. I did not have a proper understanding of them. It is also currently being studding now. When I found out about cryptocurrency bitcoin was around 260$ in my memory. Now it is around 10000 $.


At the time, cryptocurrencies such as btc, xmr, dogcoin were traded, but the highest quality creators could be called, a social media platform that pays.
Although Facebook has asked for a cryptocurrency called libra coin, it has not yet been activated. The main blog site I suggest is

Cryptocurrency is not legal in our country. But in the midst of difficulties we were counted on to bring money into the country. Big contributions for that are bittrex, skrill, payza,pitpay contributed to the exchange.The main content here is


Steem has changed my life so that I can sustain my life. I'm also happy to be connected to Steem when the Steem value is around 6$. 800000 LKR was earned during that period. It’s because of the steem.


how can we get businesses to accept it as payment?

I believe steem is a reliable digital currency.I suggest starting an EX: aliexpress, amazon, ebay online shop to use steem for a business online shop and use steem as a digital currency or link skriil , paypal.

Thank you!
cc: @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02

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