Steem Proposals proposal (reimbursement and upcoming features)

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Steem Proposals is a website that displays community proposals on a Steem network. It is an open sourced initiative that is already live and was one of the first UIs working with Steemit testnet. The project received a decent feedback and endorsement from Steem community, including core devs from Steemit and witnesses. You can check the project by following this link.

How is it useful for Steem?

There’s no doubt Steem Proposals System needs a good and modern interface that can be viewed on any device and used by average people, not only blockchain educated. The benefits of such UI are quite evident – to attract more people that can help to grow and expand Steem network and community faster, decentralize the community development efforts, as well as stimulate investors to power up STEEM to vote for suggested proposals.

Current results

If you’ve ever used the website, you know it’s packed with a lot of things. I’m not planning to stop on adding more because I want this to be the default place for you go to and check out recent proposals and workers’ progress.

Here’s the list of existing features:

  • view the list of proposals by its category (all, active, inactive, expired)
  • check the workers who have already published at least one proposal
  • look through all of the proposals a particular worker is currently working on or has already accomplished
  • approve or remove vote, as well as create a proposal using Keychain and Steemconnect

A few screens in case you haven’t seen the platform yet:

*A list of proposals

*Keychain Voting

*Proposal's voters

*Proposals by individual worker

Upcoming features/milestones

I’m not really sure I can compile a list of everything I have in mind (it’s way too long) but these features are the essentials:

  • Monthly archive of proposals. The system is new but the time flies fast. That’s why it’s crucial to look through proposals by selected time frame. At the moment I see it as monthly/quarterly/annually.
  • Keychain login (almost done). This one will allow to create special and unique features for people who apply for funds
  • Personal page for individual worker.
  • Milestone reporting tool. I personally think this is the most important one and can bring the most amount of value to everybody because tracking anybody's progress via reading the comments is not the way to go. This one can take quite a while but let the challenge is not stopping me.
  • Improve mobile UI. The website is already mobile-optimized but it can be improved significantly.
  • One or two selected features by community.

Tracking progress

To track the progress I created Github project with cards. Everything in Backlog are the things I'm planning to do, In progress means I'm working on it, Completed means I'm done. And since this is an open sourced project, you can always check my latest commits. I'll also try to do weekly reports on my Steemit account @dmitrydao.

My background

My background is mostly technical. I worked in a blockchain company (Paytomat) for over 2.5 years now, mostly as a business developer. Coding was always my hobby but I’ve never really made anything valuable before. Back in 2017 I was quite active in Dash community. I received funding for several projects on behalf of our company, which allowed me to learn a lot about DAO, what matters to voters and a few other insights. One of my goals as a witness is to apply everything I’ve learned into Steem Proposals so that we can become just as big or bigger.

This year I started building products for Steem community. The most significant projects are Steem Apps Explorer and Steem Proposals. They are both open-sourced so you might check out the code if you’re a developer yourself.

Time frame and funding

I’ve been working on this platform for about two months now, that’s why it includes reimbursement payout, as well as the funds to continue development of new features during September/October. My costs include product development only, roughly 6000 SBD in total (for July-October). I will start working on new features as soon as I see enough votes for proposal to receive funding.

P.S. Removed the proposal, you can support my work with witness vote instead for now.


My proposal vote transactions aren't working with Keychain (I can use it everywhere else, so it's not a Keychain issue). Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hmmm.. Are you sure you put in your username?



I was able to vote through SteemConnect, so I am quite sure this is a Keychain problem.

DUDE YES this is it! you have that proposal front end i always wrote about wondering if you ever followed up on your project and IM SO glad to see your work here! I wish proposals showed IMAGES of the post on proposals page from @steempeak maybe @asgarth can enable a thumbnail because them id see THIS beauty and would have voted your proposal earlier!

SO COOl you have a new front end for proposals!!!

I followed this since you posted about it as a mockup I think.. or a friend of yours maybe did but regardless glad to see it close to working now... wow man so cool and you worked for @paytomat ? glad to see they have steem account lol i am an investor, love them on eos. hope they can list on steem-engineman you shoudl convince them 1000 ENg is worth it to list PTIp on steem engine

I upvoted and resteemed and voted on the proposal

Thanks for the tip about thumbnails and your excitement. I'm still working in Paytomat actually.

Looks so sexy, great job on the UI.

Thanks. That was the initial purpose. My long-term goal is to make it accessible to ordinary people even outside of Steem. It will take some time to figure the right ingredients but I'll get there.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

I remember seeing this some time ago on @steemhunt and loved it. You have my vote. Your UI/UX design is at least an A Grade. Thank you for all the developments!

Appreciate your words. An A seems like a lot : )

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I've voted for you. It's good to have your system and SteemPeak's working together.

Thanks. Appreciate the support!

good stuff :)

Hello dear friend @dmitrydao.

This year I started building products for Steem community. The most significant projects are Steem Apps Explorer and Steem Proposals.

Should we understand then that you are author-developer of Steem Proposals? Or do you want to tell us that your projects can be found in Steem proposals?

In any case, their shares are of great value. You are a young and proactive person, I would gladly support you as a witness.

All best, Piotr.

Steem Proposals System was created by @blocktrades and then implemented by Steemit Inc. That's a heavy work with blockchain and backend which caused a recent hardfork.

Steem Proposals, on the other hand, is one of the UIs that display these proposals in a human readable way. That would be the difference I should say.

Thanks for the support in any case, I hope I clarified the distinction.