Steem Proposals rank №1 during the Google search

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This one is kind of important for people from outside of Steem to be able to find relevant resources on Steem Proposals. I thought that SEO doesn't really work but turned out it did. It took about 2 months or so to get to the top but it is worth it.

Thus, now when you Google steem ppoposals or steem proposals system, you'll get Steem Proposals website in the top. You're welcome.


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That is because "steem" is the keyword there. So it's not an achievement. If we could be at #1 if someone searched "Cryptocurrency proposal system", that would be an achievement.

Before that it was only a blog post but I accept your challenge.

Before that it was
Only a blog post but I
Accept your challenge.

                 - dmitrydao

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Right tag and keywords on a blog post can boost the sesrch results.

To @dmitrydao.
Dima ! I really happy to meet you in this steemfest. I hope see u again. and Let's meet in discord, you can find 'Mr.salmon(proxy.token)' in SCT. ^^

Sure. It was a great experience talking with you and your team. I think we'll do something awesome together. Thanks for the slides btw.

You made very useful steemproposals for us !!! you deserved to be praised!!