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RE: HF Proposal: Vote AGAINST Reducing Power Down Period to 4 Weeks

in #steemdao10 months ago

I believe this is a bad idea (4 week power-down).

The whole point of powering-up-your-steem is to take it out of circulation and stabilize the economy.

The longer you keep it powered-up, the more effectively it serves its purpose (13 weeks seems reasonable).

It also serves as a type of LOYALTY OATH.

A better "update" would be to give people the option to PERMANENTLY power-up-their-steem!!!

That way we could all stop hearing about the BURNPOSTS.


it seem that we're on the same page @logiczombie

imagine all those people powering down to sell - if they would get all that liquid steem and dump it on the market. I would expect huge selling pressure, pushing STEEM to all time lows :/

Maybe this proposal make some sense, but consequences can be painful.


People wanting to power down will do so anyways, whether 4 weeks or 13 weeks. I don't think people will go rushing to the exists and tank the price if they drop it to 4 weeks, but I am also against changing it for the sake of changing it.

It's looking pretty bleak at the moment,


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