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RE: SteemData Indexer Update

in #steemdata3 years ago

">The database is currently @ manageable 150GB. You can see the status of the indexers and other basic stats here.<"

Does database grows linear with growth of members? Say membership grows from 0.5 Millions ten times to 5 Millions, would database increase to 1.5 TB?

Would then every witness need to have 1.5 TB space reserved for Steemit? I' just curious how is DB scallability working, what happens when membership grows say 100 times.


It all depends on the user activity
For example In 'Accounts' collection objects I see arrays like 'tags_usage' or 'transfer_history'
So 1 user using a lot of tags and doing a lot of transfers takes more space than 100 inactive users
I think the size of the DB will mainly depend on number of posts and comments no matter if they will be done by 1000 users or 10 very active ones

But I'm not @furion so he would need to validate this

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