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Liquidifi effect###

Use Photoshop to create beautiful designs, if you have problems on the image, do not do it, paint, special effects will give it a normal one. But, you must remember the story of Star Trek. Or the current character of fantasy or science fiction. Did not you ever think of making yourself or any other person known as a funny character?
In Photoshop, you can do that using liquidifier effect.
. Open the picture you want to change using the Liquidify effect.
. From the menu, the file will be opened in Filter - Liquidify, Liquidify window.
. By itself, the Forward Warp Tool is about to be selected. For this, fix the brush size from the right menu.
. Click and drag the image where you want to change it.
. When additional changes, select the Reconstruct Tool tool and click and drag. Any change made will be canceled and will change to the previous condition.
. Paint using the Freeze Mask tool to exclude any area from the change.
. Try different tools depending on where you want change.
. After making the changes, click on the OK button.
Think about a person's picture before thinking about it again. The picture of which she can not like it.
Not only does a person have to change the picture. You can get something funny from other pictures.
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