Alternative Trending Page and API

in #steemdev3 years ago (edited)

In my last post, I mentioned that I had developed a content ranking algorithm that was related to Google PageRank, and hoped that this would provide a better alternative trending page. It turned out with further testing that a simpler approach yielded improved results, so here it is the better presented page.

This tries to present a more organic trending page using stake-weighted resteems from the last 3 days to determine the value of posts.

If you are a developer, you can obtain the JSON data through the Sincerity API here:

Please note that it costs money to develop and host the back-end services that provide this kind of site and API. I am not a Steem witness, so don't receive any income that way. Your support through voting or donation is much appreciated, and maintains my interest in developing for the Steem ecosystem.

I hope to fix some bugs and add tag filtering to this page next, with your support!