Steemit More Info 1.3 - Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension

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A simple Steemit extension that shows more info on

If you use, you may have notice that it is lacking a lot of functionalities.
That's why you need to use tools like,,,, ...
A lot of tools!

So why another tool???
Because this is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you install on your browser, and then all the informations you need will be available to you directly on!

Please take into consideration that this is a new project that I just started, and the features are limited to just a few so far! I'm planning to add more and more features in the next versions. Every suggestion and idea is very much appreciated!

This is version 1.3 with some bug fixes and a few new features added


  • In the profile page of any account, you will see a Vote Power indicator on top (next to the name and the reputation), with the reward that a 100% vote from that user will give in SBD ($)

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see the number of votes that user has done today

  • A new tab 'Votes' is added, where you may see the latest upvotes done or received by that user.
    It shows the estimate of the votes in $ too!
    You can filter the votes between incoming votes and outgoing votes

  • Added a dropdown menu with links to external tools to get more info about the steem account. Please let me know what tools you'd like to see here ;)

  • When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears, not only you see the percentage of the vote, but you also see the amount in $ that upvote will be valued

  • For downvotes, it shows also the total reward of the post after your downvote

  • When you are looking at a post or comment and you click "votes" to see the list of people that voted that post, you now also see what was their contribute to the total reward!

  • You can see the posts with two different layouts: list (default) and grid! You can change to grid layout using on the buttons on the top-right corner of the page.

  • On the blog page of an user, you now see an histogram of the posts of that user based on the creation date. You can scroll horizontally to go back in time.
    Posts made by the user are shown in blue, reposts in green!

    By clicking on one of the bars, you can open the list of posts made on one specific date. This makes it easier to look at old posts of an user!

    You can choose to show the histogram automatically on page load (default) or if you prefer to load the histogram on request if you find it to be too invasive. To change this setting, hover on the histogram title and select "On load: hidden"

  • The followers and following pages have been updated to show a table of the followers/following, with more informations (Reputation, STEEM Power, Upvote Worth). You can sort by the different attributes by clicking on the table's column.

  • When you read a post, now there is a floating bar with the tags, date, author and upvotes of the post, so you can easily access this informations and upvote the post if you like it!

    If you prefer a less intrusive way, in the setting you can choose the small floating bar layout

  • The markdown editor used to write new posts now shows the preview at the right side of the editor. While you write the post, if you scroll through your textual content, the preview will automatically scroll to the right point. This feature is available for screens with at least 900px width

  • If you want to better see the avatar of an account, just hover on the user picture to open a bigger version of the avatar image

  • GIF Picker for your posts and comments! You can search by keywords or see the trending gifs of the moment. Powered by Giphy

  • Boost your posts easily with the Boost button next to the "Promote" button. You will be able to easily transfer SBD to @minnowbooster for an upvote of the whale!

    You will be prompted with a confirmation form where you will see the estimated worth of the upvote you will receive. No more copy and paste of the url in the memo field of the transfer and risks of sending a wrong transaction

    Special thanks to @reggaemuffin and the @minnowbooster team for the support in making this feature possible!
    Version 1.3 had a bug in the generation of the memo to be used in the transaction. Please update to version 1.3.2

  • Steemit More Info Settings. You can now choose to enable or disable each of the features provided by Steemit More Info! Just go in your account settings.

Future development

I'm planning to add more features like:

  • COMING SOON: Trending of up to 5 favorite tags in one page. You select your favorite tags and you'll see the list of the top trending of all the tags combined in one list. I'm not releasing this feature yet because it still has some bugs.
  • Notifications, for instance if somebody replies on one of your posts or comments, if you get an upvote, ...
  • A page with some graphs of the stats of the account
  • ...

Privacy and security - Do I steal your data?

I do not access your private keys. The only way I could do it, is if you go to your wallet page and click on "show private key". But I don't do it!
Should you trust me? Well, I believe is better not to trust anyone. That's why the source code of the extension is available on github and you can (and you are encourage to) look and study it!

The way it works is by scraping the webpage and the url of the page you are looking at to extract your username and the username of the user you are looking at. Then it uses steem-js to get informations about that user.
This process doesn't involve any private key! In fact, you can see informations of other users as well, even if you obbiuvsly don't know their private keys.

Code audit

@reggaemuffin made a full code audit of this version of the extension looking for bugs or security problems.
Here's a summary of his review:

There was a possible issue with the way the presence of a new update was checked that could have allowed if @armandocat github account were compromised to inject a string into the html page. However, the code would not have been executed so no malware could have been injected in the page. Code has been updated and now use a normal ajax call

/vendor/* contains javascript files unchanged from the last release of the libraries used

src/post_boost_button.js is doing ajax requests to the minnowbooster api and these submit the author and permlink of the post you are viewing and your username to (to check your minnowbooster limits for your convenience). This happens only when you click on the "boost" button, so if you prefer not to send this information to minnowbooster just disable the feature and don't click on the "boost" button.

src/markdown_editor_beautifier.js will load a few iframes in your markdown editor if you include them. Iframes are sanetized before being embedded. Still this is to be kept in mind. Images are loaded automatically and are checked, but you can probably hack yourself by adding an image tag that links to a malicious script. Link tags are opened in a new tab and have noopener set, which prevents a security issue:

src/gif_picker.js: found a few cases where rel-noopener was not applied and these were fixed before release to the users. This will call the api and search for gifs.

src/followers_table.js will call to retrieve profile images.

src/external_links_menu.js: all external links were subject to rel-noopener. Fixed in this version

src/utils/utils.js: this is doing all the heavy work and has the strongest focus in this review. All methods that interact with the blockchain are read only and safe.

The bugs expressed have already been fixed prior to the release of this version.

Thanks to @reggaemuffin for his effort in checking the code for potential vulnerabilities. He will confirm shortly this analysis by commenting on this post.
Please consider adding @reggaemuffin to your witnesses list!


The extension is now available on the Chrome Extension Store

The extension is now available on the Firefox Extension Store

If you prefer, you can choose to install it yourself manually:

  • Download and unzip the extension. LINK:
  • If you are using Chrome
    • Open the Chrome Extentions page by typing chrome://extensions in your Chrome Browser.
    • Drag and drop the root folder of the project you just unzipped (steemit-more-info) inside the chrome extension page.
  • If you are using Firefox
    • Open about:debugging in Firefox, click "Load Temporary Add-on" and select any file in the extension's directory.
    • You will need to do this each time you close and reopen Firefox
  • Go to Steemit!

When a new version of the extension is available, a popup in the top right corner of the page will appear with a link where you can read about the update and download the new version.

Manually Force Google Chrome to Update Extensions

  • Head to chrome://extensions by either right-clicking on an extension and choosing Manage extensions, or just typing it into the location bar.
  • Check the Developer mode box on the right-hand side.
  • Click the "Update extensions now" button.


Bugs and new features requests

Please feel free to comment here or contact me on if you have suggestions or features requests!

Please help me spread the word by resteem and upvote this post!

I'm doing this project in my free time. The more interest I get from the community, the more I'll be devoted to improve it!
So if you like this project, help me in letting everyone know about it.
And follow me! I will post any update on this extension and other projects I'll work on! And you will also see some beautiful picture about myself 😹🐾



I have reviewed this extension for security and all possible issues I could find are fixed before the release. The post contains a summary of the review.

While I am pretty confident in my abilities I am not a perfect human being. So I put aside a safety deposit that will be used to reimburse users, should I ever miss a security issue in the extension and should they loose their funds or keys. I initially announced 100 STEEM but as @sneak rightfully said, that is not much. So I will start with 200 STEEM and add at least 100 STEEM to this deposit with each new review.

I am also offering a bounty for secondary reviews. Please provide your credentials and your review and tag me so I see it. I am offering at least 50 SBD for this cause. The community decides who is worthy of the bounty.

Please remember that my audit is worthless if you keep auto update on. Be sure to install from source to be extra safe.

The danger is not whether or not the extension has any vulnerabilities now (and it does, right now, as you pointed out, with iframes)—but whether or not it could be updated with malicious code in the future automatically. This is how browser extensions work.

Everyone who uses this is trusting their account safety to the safety of @armandocat’s extension update keys/password. If those get compromised, a malicious update could get pushed that takes over all the users of the formerly-safe extension.

I love the work that is being done here and I’d love to see most of it integrated into condenser - but I can’t say it’s safe to run any browser extensions that can alter content on, regardless of audit, because it’s not.

the code that put iframe is the same there is in condenser, with the same security features.. So i guess, if there is a problem here, there is also in condenser.
For what I see, everything works fine in both condenser and in the extension ;)
If users prefer not to risk, just disable the markdown editor extension in the settings. Or trust youtube and others when you paste their links. I don't believe this is really a "security issue". People should hack into youtube and other big websites to take advantage of this...

Regarding the password, I'm taking all the precaution possible ;) I have ALWAYS strong and different passwords in all my accounts.

BTW, I always suggest to install the code manually by downloading from the repository.. that is the safest way to use this extension

I fully agree with you. That is why I tell users to install the source from github, which won't get updated automatically.

Please remember that my audit is worthless if you keep auto update on. Be sure to install from source to be extra safe.

What about just disabling the update from the addon? That's what I did and I didn't downloaded the update automatically. Could this be bypass or are people disabling the update safe from malicious update?

That will work too. I know Firefox allows this but Chrome only allows all or no auto updates.

Indeed, you should add it to a "safety" section, in your post ;)

I did :) @armandocat controls the post :)

I would second that. Would love to see this code added to condenser. We'll done @armandocat.

how about mobile app? do we already have a working repo for mobile? I just joined steemit and was looking for the mobile app. is that esteem? I also would like to contribute. maybe i have to look for the api.

From what I heard of @armandocat, there are plans for a mobile version of it.

esteem is one mobile app. I use the website, others use steepshot or

What are your coding skills? What languages can you code in? I can refer you to the right people :)

Thanks for your commitment to the community and its safety, @reggaemuffin.

And thanks @armandocat for your continued work on this extension. The extension has most definitely helped me, newbie, understand better what I do here on Steemit. 🤘

Love to do a review. Very useful tool.

But I just got an error with download 1.3 from google chrome store and please read what I got

"An error has occurred
Package is invalid.
Details: 'Could not load background script 'background.js'.'."

Please check

I've got it too

I forgot to add a new file to the zip I published :(
Sorry about that, in 10-15 min the new version 1.3.1 should be available and work!

This is a reminder that the extension published on the stores could be different from what is in the repos. So installing from source, while less convenient is a lot safer.

Fully agree. Though that the repos might be the better place to get it.

Lesson learned and next time download from source

Excellent! This will help answer the question that pops in mind when seeing this : "It looks great, but is it safe ?" Thanks.

It will never be 'save' in the sense that security is an illusion, but my review already made it safer.

You're right 100% safe is not possible. But it is good to have at least a code review!

je ne comprend rien à ce site

Quel site, steemit ?
Si tu es nouveau sur steemit, je te conseille d'aller voir le compte de @roxane, elle a des super videos en français qui expliquent pas mal de concepts de steemit.

Plz plz plz sir ji vote me
I beg you, please ask me sir

Plz plz plz sir ji vote me
I beg you, please ask me siro

This is just awesome. I've just added it to firefox and its amazing. You have done an excellent job of adding features to Steemit that make life here just a little more easier. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to save a draft of a post. Wit that I would be in Steemit heaven.

I can't see the layout options on my screen. Its not a feature I'm after, just letting you know.

This is amazing! A lot of new improvements, it would be a big step ahead, definitely resteemed 😃


Needs an "@" symbol in the url for minnowbooster to work. Maybe you're already correcting this.

(sorry the images are so small - the first shows the url without the "@" and minnowbooster returning my funds due to an invalid link)


Ops.. how could I miss that! Going to fix now

Version 1.3.2 sent for review... It should be approved on chrome and firefox stores soon

I just removed the extension and went on to add again and now I'm getting this error any solution @armandocat
Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load background script 'background.js'.'.

I have a problem. "When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears"-I have successfully installed it but no slider appears. It just immediatelly upvotes!

You don't have enough SP

How much SP I should have to get the sliders working?

I don't remember, it should be 500-1000.. that's a limit in steemit, because the worth of the vote is so close to zero that the slider will not be very useful anyway..

Ok. Thanks a lot for the info!

I see. Thanks for the advise!

As you always ask for some suggestions I have two of them (of course, if they are possible).

In the menu bar in our blogs, we have Blog, Comments, Replies, Rewards and now Votes.
I would like to see here as well Mentions and Resteems.

That would be my 2 cents for now! 🙂

You are doing gods work, i just whised Steemit used your ideas to implement native because this really improves user experience and use of the platform.
I found a bug, i can't edit a post, dunno if anyone are having this problem.
Keep up the good work

I guessing this extension will become adopted by Steemit, and become an official part of Steemit.

Keep up the good work!

@armandocat I very like it this extension.
If its possible, could you please add a highlighter when post has comments from us.
Maybe like this (or better)

Wow @armandocat i like your work on this project,can you please put some more feature on this? like... We can edit post boost option and where we can change reciever name and dollar amount.Because most of us like minnow user use many voting booster bot,because we can only buy 3 times in a week from @minnowbooster .So if you change that on next version as a minnow user i will be so thankful to you..Once again you are doing great.Thanks for this.Cheer up..

bu eklentiyi beğendim :)

and another cool update to this amazing tool.
I personally have disabled the history because most times it takes a really long time to load... but all the other features run like a charm and having the support of @reggaemuffin really makes this all the more trustworthy

just one more suggestion: in the link tab could you add this link

that is just so that it makes it easier for everyone to go to my blog and upvote my posts (and I just want to make life easier for everyone, just like you...)

all kidding aside, keep up the good work

History should be faster now, because I'm using a faster node! If you want to try again ;)

BTW, I forgot to add a new file to the zip I published :( So this version will not work.
Sorry about that, in 10-15 min the new version 1.3.1 should be available and work!

ok, cool, thanks for the feedback, will activate again to see if it makes a difference in loading time

thanks for you job @armandocat
U R N 1!!

thank you for your work. i like this add on. :)

i woundered why i dont have this features till i find out that i did not put the add-on to auto update. Thanks its a great tool.

As expected another great release ^_^ Thank you
I found a way you can improve the side by side editor,
the editor always level the top line in the input to the same line in the preview, it causes the line that's being edited to never show,
it would be great if you make it to level the bottom line or put an option to make the preview always jump to the bottom.

Love :

  • The new Vote and Links tabs
  • The $ value shown along with % and voters names
  • The Historic of posts
  • The floating bar at the bottom

Not so much fan of :

  • Gif picker

Had also a few worries about security, but it is ok after @reggaemuffin code review.

And I have two new suggestions :

  • Add an emoji picker!
  • In the profile, add a "last seen" field (5 minutes ago, 2 days ago...).

Upvoting my post so that suggestion might be seen.

Thank you for providing us with this most excellent extension! This is a really wonderful addition to my screen when I am on Steemit.
If I may make a suggestion? I would like to see the resteemed posts separated from my blog. it is cumbersome to scroll through the resteemed items to get to my personal posts. I am not a coder, and don't even play on on TV, LOL, so I would not have any idea of how to accomplish that task. However it is a suggestion to perhaps help out the Steemians who use your extension.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Excelente cada vez mejorando más y más para el mejor funcionamiento de la plataforma =)

nice extension for stermit works.

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Wow auch hier möchte ich gerne wieder mit verdienen ;)

I hope soon you release Safari extension too. I would love to see it.

wow!!!I'm totally speechless. This is brilliant. I will be using this extension moving forward. Very convenient, Can't wait to experiment with the new features.

Great set of tools. Particularly like the post creation side by side. As some feature requests would it be possible to have the post preview open in another tab and would it be possible to make a version for Opera. My browser of choice. Thanks for your great work

that's very cool extension. I do not need to open 10 screens at a time.

Thank you,this was very useful for myself and friends.

Good info shared by you

I am a firefox user. Some extensions are only available for chrome. Thanks for this amazing extension and your support for firefox!

manual updating is not working :(

I forgot to add a new file to the zip I published :(
Sorry about that, in 10-15 min the new version 1.3.1 should be available and work!

great job sir! it makes Steemit more enjoyable. The tools come in handy and easier to manage. Thanks a lot!

Nice on man.. keep me posted! :)

OH !! Thanks a lot @armandocat , this extension is way too amazing to describe in words. It helped my steemit experience so much. Thanks and keep up the amazing work :)

You are a genius, You deserve an upvote from all the people here! Keep doin this fantastic work please. Thanks

Very useful add-on, especially for me as a newbie, thanks a lot for it, @armandocat!

Hey @armandocat You are doing an excellent job on this extension ! I would love for you to add our new Mentions tool link to extension "links" for We are getting lots of requests for it to be added to your chrome extension...... You are doing an excellent job buddy!!!!

Really liking this extension thanks for all @armandocat

Increible herramienta. Me encanta!. Enhorabuena, muy buen trabajo.

Congrats @armandocat, @reggaemuffin and all the involved in this project. You guys made an AWESOME job, and solved few core pains in Steemit with this tool.

This is really brilliant! It's like having a new toy in hands :)
And all the features that were missing on Steemit are suddenly there!

Thanks a lot! Amazing job. Gonna spread the word :)

BRILLIANT! can't wait to try this out! Thanks @armandocat & @reggaemuffin!

This post are very interesting. Having an extension is more helpful for steemit users.. great post @armandocat

Gonna give this a try.

Mercy! I just downloaded the Add-on to Firefox. My Steemit is now on steroids. Okay, @armandocat. you just got the quad-fecta from me. Many thanks!

Good afternoon! Tell us when will the extension for the iPad appear? Thank you!

Consider adding a @randowhale option for a boost? I don't always have a fiver to throw around, $0.50 is sometimes all I can spare. @ironshield

@randowhale has the problem of not always be awake.. I would need some api to make the same button for it.. If the @randowhale team is interested they can contact me and we can work something out 😉

I see can see that happening. @ironshield

You are a genius, You deserve an upvote from all the people here! Keep doin this fantastic work please. Thanks

Thanks for your hard work I love the added info!

I'm using it and I love it. Thank you!
Also, I voted for @reggaemuffin as you suggested.
Following you.

Thanks @armandocat for the latest version of Steemit extension

I've been using this extension for a few days now and I find it enhances my experience tremendously. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, I can't imagine going back to the old way!

Hi @armandocat, thank you for the extension, it provides the perfect enhancement to experience. Would it be helpful for us users to send upgrade suggestions or general performance feedback, and if so where is best to send it to?

You can write a comment here 😉
I read all of them, even if I'm not able to answer all

Perfect! Loving your work. What I was experiencing was minor and not really down to functionality. It was lagging on certain areas or not loading information at all. I'll see if I experience the same things on this version and let you know...

Awesome work ! Thanks for the improvements ;)

Resteemed and upvoted ofcourse :)

this is some really great work. hope you add more features in the future.

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Will be the extension available on safari in the near future?

I find this post very interesting , these extensions are very helpful for new steemit user like me , @armandocat keep it up

Hey @armandocat, thank you for these amazing extensions! I love them! So I shared this post of yours on my Look What I Found! collection of interesting posts. I hope you like it.

Wow amzing... upvote

How about Opera Browser?

This extension is extraordinary

I love it
And I will get it later today
I appreciate your hard work
Have a lovely time Steeming

Would love a version for the brave browser.

yap the new extension work great with more info on person and myself makes it easy to see progress that one is making ,

Pretty amazing job ! Thumbs up !

Hi, @armandocat, after some DMs with @reggaemuffin on Discord, he said for me to comment here. I installed the add-on onto Firefox. However, the Votes was not working. I just had a circle going around. The four grids on the top right did nothing. So I disabled the add-on.

Well, Voila! Now the add-on works in the disabled position. The Votes and posting bar graft works. The four grids are now two and they allow me to switch styles. I realize that you have lots of free time, so now here is another mystery of the universe to ponder.

And yet, there is some good news :) Upvoted.

Good post.resteemed

This tool makes complete sense and has all the information that I possibly need when browsing steemit. I started using this extension a few days ago but now it even better, An amazing job @armandocat

I love this extension. It offers so much. There are other steemit extensions I have used but only offer 1 function such as Voting Power, or a scrolling slide which is great but to have everything in one application is perfect. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to develop an app or extension which trys to benefit everyone who installs it. Of course, there will be people who only like certain functions available and will not use it to its full potential, personally, this app is exactly what I need as I am only 1month into steemit, so, therefore, any help that can make steamit experience better im all for it.
Thanks @armandocat

This is really a lot of work. Thumbs up to you.

great information @armandocat

For mobile how we can install any idea
Again useful information

It's good. thanks for ur work.

Need to find a way to deploy these in the Brave Browser
Perhaps a third party domain that handles it through an encrypted IFrame.

Otherwise I love the extension and Steemit would not be the same with out it.
Perhaps some of this can be incorporated into the future rollouts. I know I have seen some nice features in that need to be here so it is do-able.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Cool , love the extension , gives extra to steemit :) @dan and @ned if just steemit crew took a look at this and added som of extensions features to website would be great for improving

The side by side post editing (markdown on one side, the preview on the other) seems buggy. When I go to "submit a story" sometimes I get the side-by-side editor and other times I get the normal one.

Everything else is working great!

Thanks for sharing... I tryi next time

This is amazing!!!!!!!!

I like these tools :)

This looks great and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I always use Steemit and I think I tried steemed once but I'm use to this site now.

How can i say this, Great extension. I will try this one.
Steemit again and again make the people interesting and want to stay here for along time.
Thanks to @armandocat for best information. Keep it up ! :)

hiiii @armandocat, very very informational and motivational blog you shared in which you describe about missing many important features in steemit , i am fully agreed with your suggessions and take a guide line from you, much impressed and appreciated your efforts, thanks a lot.

Just getting started with this. It's AWESOME! Thank you!

Just getting started with this. It's AWESOME! Hats off to you and THANK YOU! Upvoting, resteeming and following you. Please follow @thoughtchain for original content and news on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICOs and related topics.

This really helped me👍

Very good support for me , thanks you.

Awesome tool!
Can you create links to steemd and steemDB on article view page?

Great Work!!

Haven't explored ALL the features yet. The boost and follower organization features are very nice. As far as the side-by-side markdown editor is concerned, at first nothing changed, and then what did change is that I could no longer get a post editor page at all until I turned the extension off in Chrome Version 60.0.3112.114 (Official Build) (64-bit) running on a Chromebox.

thank you

Love this extension .. it make more easier to use steemit all futures ..
thanks for the creators

#life #love #best #thankfull

It would be great if you could submit pull requests to the condenser GitHub repository for these changes so that users could use them without needing to install a browser extension. You are obviously very talented and familiar with the code. I wouldn't expect it to be much more difficult to make the changes directly to the code :)

thanks for sharing keep it up

very helpful. it would be great to have the add-on for mobile browsers as well. :D

I like this one... but still waiting for the opera add on :)

Voter number 500 :) Yeah...

But i want to talk about this Add on...

I really like it, im a steem NOOB... and this small thing opened me a loot of more Informations about steem and loads of functions around it...

I like that fast links to the infomations sites.. and the Vote power information on top... all around a really good tool for a noob like me...