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RE: Visualising Spam Scores

in #steemdev4 years ago (edited)

This is a really great tool @steemreports. Unfortunately, resteeming accounts not only pick content of value, but everything people pay them to resteem and this is really hurtful for my feed, because it hides my friend's content. So, I was trying this tool out and found that some of my steemit friends get a tiny bit in the direction of spammers, how do you determine that? Is there a correlation between posting frequency and spamming? Or maybe word length and spamming? I'm really curious to know. I love to play with these genius tools!


Thank you. Yes, posting frequency and word length are some of the many factors used in the algorithm. It is interesting, but I don't want to disclose too much as it might undermine the effectiveness of the process.

I haven't been recording resteems, but I now you mention it, I suspect that might be useful for this classification too!

Yeah, you are right, thanks for answering my intrusive questions anyway :). Yeah, that's it, maybe if the resteem to posts ratio in one account is 90/10 I would say it belongs in the spammer side of things, maybe I'm being to harsh...