🛠 Steem Tools - Reserve Ratio and Average Block Size Chart

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I showed up in January and before I built up any SP I would have negative bandwidth almost daily, even after barely posting or upvoting. For a new user trying to acclimate here, running into bandwidth issues is a deal-breaker, especially since most likely don't even know that bandwidth is a thing or how it works.

This all falls under tricky math so it's awesome you put this together to track the data and make it way more understandable. Hopefully this drives further insights that can be used to solve the bandwidth issues.

It was a rough period for all minnows.

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Great research! Having a high volume time frame to avoid reminds me of when cell phone plans had "free nights and weekends" to encourage people to use the service in off-hours.

Really wonderful information You are a wonderful person providing us with great information Well done, my friend

Hey, glad you like it!
I will work on adding it ASAP =)

Hey, glad you like it!
I will work on adding it ASAP =)

I'm confused about something, according to Steemd, I still have 99% bandwidth, but Steemit still seems slow to me. I especially notice it when trying to upvote posts, takes around a minute to actually upvote the post.

Or doesn't that have anything to do with the bandwidth? I've tried on multiple connections.

I would think I have enough SP, just powered up to 127 SP.

Those are RPC or website/routing issues, not related to the bandwidth limitation.

Very nice post, please give me about the procedures to be professional stamians, I am very happy if you want to give me upvote in every post I, for your willingness and time I thank you. Signed. @zayanfaruk

My dear friend @drakos 👋 , thanks you so much for amazing information , And the advice and guidance useful to all members, a third option is best for new members and it consists of avoiding the rush hours between 8:00-14:00 EST , or reduce the weekly transactions.
Good luck my dear friend @drakos 👍👍😉
All the best for you 👍😃

It's good to see that you care, to take your time to research on how to improve we the users, leaving steemit during the day is really tempting like you said, but we have to try it. Nice post

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Thanks. Next thing, dive into the algorithm.
Or at least point towards the algorithm that calculates this in the source. That would help me a bit further.
Why 25% of maximum blocksize?
Why did the witnesses agree on that? :)
At least the top 20 have to answer this.
If they are notable to do so, why are they in the top 20:))
Why not 30%, why not 10%?

I explained the 25% in the previous post. I'm not a professional programmer and not a fan of C, those waters are treacherous for my boat lol. The 25% is not a witness parameter/decision, it's hardcoded in the steem code, it could be tweaked if the developers decide to do it.

Yes, I know it is hardcoded.
But the witnesses decide if a HF is used or not.
Otherwise, they are just the puppets for STINC and the developers.;)
Or isn't this one of the task of the witnesses?
I always thought they would decide, whether to implement something or not in production.

You don't need to explain, just link to the file/line

I believe we should start increasing block size at 5% intervals. I also talked to @roadscape abut this, and the thinking is, the reserve is very volatile, so we need to increase in small increments, say 5%. Then see how it goes at and give time fr RR to balance out as we go.

This talks more about it also https://github.com/steemit/steem/blob/f762f1407f615c8e8fb3d4c9dec2f61801d4d5ee/libraries/plugins/witness/witness_plugin.cpp#L275

Thanks for showing these stats @drakos, great job!

That comment is interesting:

        * If the reserve ratio is consistently low, then it is probably time to increase
        * the capcacity of the network.

Well, it might be the time right now, to increase:)

Don't worry it's C++ with templates. ;)

As you said before! It's very useful, so this info is gold for the people that begins here.
Thanks for all your help dude, you ROCK!

This is good work @drakos - we need to pay attention to all vital signs of the health of the blockchain.

Your recommendations for avoiding "rush hour" are helpful too.

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