Wow Friend, this information is too cool. you allow me only with your authorization to make the translation into Spanish so that it reaches more users in Spanish.

Like I have followers who understand English so I will also give you resteem

You can translate my post.
$rewarding 0.03$ silent

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Great! It's always the same when I have to wait, and then I forget to vote the post after 15 minutes! Fantastic solution!

Thanks, it is a useful tool.
$rewarding 0.03$ silent

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Really like your blog:) !subscribe 0.15

✔ Hi @cardboard, you have just subscribed to @holger80!
From now on every new @holger80 post will be automatically rewarded with 0.15 SBD or STEEM from your @tipU deposit. First subscription reward has been sent :)
More about the subscription feature from @tipU can be found here (soon:)

Thanks for the tip.
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Thank you @holger80 for creating this bot.

Second try:
$rewarding 0.03$

Thanks, I will further improve it.
$rewarding 0.03$

The reward of this comment goes 100 % to the author holger80. This is done by setting the beneficiaries of this comment to 100 %.

Hi @holger80!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 7.219 which ranks you at #71 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has not changed in the last three days.

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 231 contributions, your post is ranked at #10.

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Let me understand correctly; this is relevant to comments as well as posts? I thought a comment author always got 100% of the payout, regardless of who else upvoted that comment.

Yeah. But you can change it. Functional posts and comments work exactly the same except posts dont have parents.

$rewarding set indigoocean:15

Second test for setting a $ upvote value instead of a percentage:
$rewarding 0.02$

Command accepted.

By changing the beneficiary rewards of a comment, it's the way this little tool helps us reward authors for posts that have reached payout, if we want to (or split them among different accounts, the same way as with posts). I like it, but I'd like to see these possibilities integrated at the DApps level in the future.

Ah, thanks for that lay explanation.

Yes, as far as I know there is no dapp for setting beneficiaries of a comment.
$rewarding 0.02$

Command accepted.

Hi, @holger80!

You just got a 2.06% upvote from SteemPlus!
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Its concept is very good, I believe that we will definitely benefit from it.

Interesting concept

@rewarding 100% 15min


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