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RE: Visualising Spam Scores

in #steemdev4 years ago

Sure, and my position remains the same: I can't trust a metric I can't inspect, so while I know you have the best of intentions you become the point of trust for your algorithm instead of the algorithm standing objectively on it's own.

A compromise could be to allow someone you trust to inspect it, someone with some credibility publicly, and they can state their findings without revealing the algorithm. If you had a few of those from people I knew to be competent and honest it would significantly raise my trust in it.

Just something to think about in the interest of claiming these metrics have any meaning.


I suppose the community can look at the results from the algorithm to assess whether it has any meaning, and yes, trust me if they think I deserve it. That said, I wouldn't rule out what you have mentioned.

Perhaps you could send me a list of people you know to be competent and honest? ;)

The results won't be enough to test that unless you had good knowledge of the entire ecosystem, i.e. what did it leave out? Sounds expensive to verify blindly.

@timcliff seems to fit the bill, and I believe he's taken an interest in your project.

I'll certainly consider that once I have more training data and a cleaner implementation. That's not a very long list of people though, and you said you'd want 'a few' in order to significantly raise your trust.

It necessarily going to be a small list, I can only think of one other - @jesta. Think about it and why not pick some others too, it's not specifically for me or anything.

I will think about it, and tidy up my code ;)

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