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RE: Change SteemConnect for SteemLogin

in #steemdevlast year

Thanks for the efforts.

I just tried with steemconnect and it still works with Steem blockchain.


So here the purpose here for doing the change is to REBRAND only?

If @futureshock is not owning steemconnect, could you please share with us who is the owner behind?

And I think the codebase of steemlogin will remain almost the same as steemconnect, is that true?


try to vote with steemconnect and tell us if it's works...

I tried operations like revoke with, and it works well.

However I think I understand now the point is that, since steemconnect-api is highly centralized, the owner of can easily control which chain its users (e.g. users of will interact with, by updating the STEEMD_URL environment variable in the steemconnect-api project:

So the same should happen to SteemLogin to switch to another STEEMD_URL