I'm still here! :-) UA-Python is coming!

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I'm still here! :-) UA-Python is coming!

Hi y'all! I've been a little too quiet lately, there weren't any new "The Scipio Files" publications, nor code contributions, tutorials.... Sorry about that. I have been active on the Utopian Discord server though, moderating a little bit here and there, doing some Utopian Advisory work, but mostly, I've been privately coding on two projects: I just didn't have more time!

UA-Python is coming!

One of the projects I'm working on, is an implementation of UserAuthority coded in Python 3! Yes people, UA is coming! It's been too long since I've worked on it, together with @stoodkev, in nodeJS, and since I've always felt more of a Pythonista to tell you the truth... I gave it some thought and decided UA-Python will be it!

So.... Have no fear, @Scipio is still here!



Go @scipio can't wait for it to see it in action. Keep us informed!!

Of course I will @rival! :-)

I got a notification in my feed you wrote something! Actually in my feed are only 2 posts showing: this one, and you ReSteeming my IntroduceYourself post. Maybe that means I should follow more people! XD!

UA? "Ooh Aah!" Or "U-A-kinda-cool?" I guess I need to do more research on what you wrote already? XD!

Does it involve a lot of math? You should really go easy on people on your math Scippie...

It does involve a lot of math Scip.... You know I get headaches from trying to understand that kind of deepness. But anyway, I'll read them... Try to...

Sorry...! But it is kind of cool! And sparse matrices aren't that hard if you think about them!

Great news @scipio

Yes it is! Exciting!

Thanks boss

@scipio, Like your contribution, upvote.

Great! Thx! I can always use an upvote! :-)

thanks for share blog......@scipio

Sharing is caring @rojib :-)

you are right...... thanks boss.....@scipio

Thanks for sharing. Hope to see learning post from you.

Thanks for reading as well!

I am very happy with your post........ I willl always follow you ...@scipio

hello my friend its good to know about your project and i believe that it will be a great success.

We've got help from this post.Thanks for sharing....

Cant wait more to see it in action... really it would be so helpful.....

Keep updating us so we can use it as soon as possible....


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