Introducing Steem Automated - STEEM Curation Made Easy - Reward Your Favourite Authors

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Voting is an essential part of STEEM as it is the driver behind the economic system on which STEEM relies. While the STEEM Blockchain runs 24/7 we humans are different and cannot operate like machines. For this reason I introduce Steemautomated which allows you to set up customisable voting rules to offload some of the work and still reward your favourite authors, while retaining full control. Manual curation is still advised. See this more like a STEEM version of Patreon where you can reward your favourite authors for creating new content at specific rules.


How does it work?

Log in at with your STEEM account. After logging in you will be able to go to the voting page. On this page you can manage all of your custom voting rules. But first you will have to authorise steemautomated to perform offline votes for you.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 22.53.00.png

Screenshot 2018-07-28 22.53.08.png

After doing so you will be shown the following table. New rules can be added by pressing the + button. Rules can be edited from within the table. Or deleted by selecting them and pressing the delete button.

Each rule has the following attributes:

  • upvote weight
  • delay in minutes
  • daily limit

Screenshot 2018-07-28 22.53.43.png

Screenshot 2018-07-28 22.53.54.png

What does it cost?

This service is free as it is being contributed to Utopian, the source code is also available at: Of course upvotes are always appreciated and will be put for good use.

What is next?

As shown in the menu above there is also trailing and a log. These features are yet to be implemented and should be working soon. After that more advanced features like dynamic voting based on current voting power levels will be added as well.

Developed by @juliank


It's a great project

yes you are right..

I prefer manual curation, it is more secure and fun.

Exactly, security is so important. The whole point with Steem is that you're reading and if you're reading, it shouldn't be too hard to upvote if you like it


this looks super awesome! Maybe you could add an option to use a dynamic vote power. Either a random value between a min and max vote or by calculating the average vote from the votes which are already there after the delay. Could be useful. Can I set a minimum required Voting Power? For example: I do not want to vote when my voting power is lower than 80%.

Kind regards,

The Secret Service

Thanks! This feature is on the roadmap. First trailing and the log will be added.


That sound awesome!

Kind regards,

The Secret Service

The feature I seek for quite some time…

When a curator - some other guy who I respect - comment a post with a text toke like !voteforthis I wanna vote for that post.

Would be nice if someone implements it.


That is an interesting idea, so it is kinda like trailing. However only when the user uses the 'keyword'

Can you comment on the security implications of authorizing @steemautomated to use one's posting role? What's the worst that could happen and are there steps in place to limit attacks?

Of course, good question.

The worst thing that can happen is that somebody gains access to all the stored access token that are generated by Steemconnect. In that case the attacker would be able to vote for all the authorised accounts.

When that happens all tokens can be revoked via: both the users themselves and I can do that.

The database has been properly secured, and I am building something that will alert me via a text when there is suspicious behaviour.

How is that different from Steemauto and other services that do the same? Seems like a waste of someone's time. Is photography not lucrative enough?

Good and valid question. I know of the following two services which are quite similar.


Steemauto only offers trailing, no specific upvote rules for authors, with regards to voting. They do offer interesting other features.


The main focus is personalised voting rules here, which is a similarity. However, they do not offer Steemconnect intergration, so the service requires you to give up your posting key. This is not good and outdated. Also the rules only allow for upvote weight and time delay. No daily limit for each author

How is that different from Steemauto and other services that do the same? Seems like a waste of someone's time.

I believe this is quite narrow minded, competition is healthy. And will propel these services forward.

Seems like a waste of someone's time. Is photography not lucrative enough?

Photography has never been my main source of income. It is a hobby and will actually be getting into videography next week for cliff diving in Greece. Besides that, the service is free...


waste of someone's time

Learning new things if never a waste of time, even if this means learning something that is already out there. You start small and expand from there. Live products are great use cases to see how something really works.

Dear sir, I have translated this article into Chinese. Thank you!

So this is like the free version of Steemdunk?
Cool, I'll definitely check it out.

Ah cool, I did not now of Steemdunk. It does look like it. Voting and trailing are free.

It'll be the first thinh on my to-do list tomorrow :0)

seems interesting . I will look into it more tomorrow. it seems a lot liek steem auto though.

Can I define the rules by filtering the tag?

Good question, here is the initial post:

Following a hashtag
Upvote users using a specific hashtag, in addition with a whitelist/blacklist and other custom settings like limiting the amount of votes per day.

Is indeed part of the plan. For now expect to see trailing and the log first.

@upvoteshares, @constanza, maybe this is a tool worth checking out...

Thanks @simplymike !
I certainly will, steemauto has been quite inconsistent these past days which made me have to do many of the votes manually.

Cool! So no taking my voting power to pay hosts? Sweet might be switching to your service

This product is being contributed to Utopian, therefore I decided against implementing any fees.

You got a user :)

Interesting, could be risky

Can I fork?
Would love to learn coding for STEEM

i don't know if my question is necessary, lol

what is the benifits i will have if i logging in or i joined this?

There is no direct monetary benefit such as vote selling. The main focus of this service is to curate other authors with your steem power while you are away. Upvoting valuable author increases the total value of the platform, as it incentivises good behaviour.

ok thank you, im in.

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i just transfered yesterday.

Ouuuu yeah still my dreams here on Steemit. Some whale finally see my content and add me on autovote list. Hope I will see this day :)

Haha, I think @steempress might be a good whale for you to look into

I am using steempress yes. Usualy I get 2-3$ upvote from them which is nice. But only for my steempress posts. Well, time is everything I guess

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Steeming will be more fun👍👍👍👍
Kudos to the technology 👍👍

Hi @steempytutorials I like your post it's a very useful to newcomers users in steemit. Thank you sharing. I followed and upvoted you.

The feature I seek for quite some time…

When a curator - some other guy who I respect - comment a post with a text toke like !voteforthis I wanna vote for that post.

Would be nice if someone implements it.


Wow nice concepts sir and thank you for sharing your concepts (knowledge) with us

@steempytutorials sir, plz give me upvote back
Steemautomated which allows you to set up customisable voting rules to offload some of the work and still reward your favourite authors, while retaining full control. Manual curation is still advised. See this more like a STEEM

So nice to read this when you are new in the site, thanks for the support.

So nice to read this
When you are new in the site,
Thanks for the support.

                 - aveyron

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good effort to bring this automated system for curation and author reward, definitely small benefit , but becomes big in the long run, thank you for this update , i will join this automated system ,

upvote my comments and reply

wow! its great .But still i,m not aware about steemit can you please tell me about it

Please help me Julian plz up vote my comment. And give me some little guidance how to grow in steemit..

Quite interesting project to support authors you like to support with ease.

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Great article.

Yes great project

My question is how to grow in steemit platform

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Looks cool, i'll try it.

That's what i was looking for! Nice and thanks for sharing!

Very Nice and super helpful!

At present, all automated voting tools are logged in with steemconnect, but stemconnect must login at least with active key.

If you have support, just only use posting key to finish all the tools you have set up.

This will be great design

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im sooo lost lol

So is it legal?

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Yas Steen community is very good I like it

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Very good development.

Its Amazing..!

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thanks for excellent post

Thank you for telling me, I registered right away and will test it extensively.

Amazing! Cool idea to think about Yes Yes Yes

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good post

Something interesting to look into. Thanks for the information

Thank @juliank for nessesery Job. Please add some rules: 1. Upvote when somebody else upvoted, and 2 flagging to

Upvote when somebody else upvoted

This is considered trailing right? This will be in the next update. Or are you talking about something else?

flagging to

I have not tested it, but I think it should work... just add a negative upvote weight

Yes, thanks

This is a great system. I will review and register for use.

can you give me upvotes sir

You All the steemit Users you upvote in my post... I will be do same for your post ..

This is an awesome share Thanks for that just one quick question which can I use to connect to this service? can i use posting key?

It's really very interesting and usefull

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this is nice, i would like to be someones favorite author hehehehe

I am very new to these field but get good smell from by day improving good things as same as free of charge it is great way to climb cgrypto rock .

it really lightens much of the burden as its like someone else is doing my office job, plus with the features like upvote weightage, delay in minutes, daily limit, we can really rely on it.

Great work👍

I like the idea, but from my experience so far on Steemit is that there are a lot of people trying to abuse the voting system. How would this prevent some of the bots that already exist and fake votes?

Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
steemit is a platform where everyone works together and achieves success

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Nice one tho
I hope its platform or a project based on the general interest of steemians most espcially the minnows

Great job i'll try this one thanks for the share mate

Interesting, but won't this throw off the actual amount of views and upvotes we are getting.

Also, is there any way of looking more into the analytics of your posts? Thank you in advance.

Hello friend, excuse me, would you allow me to translate the post into Spanish? regards @steempytutorials

Give me space to translate into Indonesian

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its Quite interesting tools for a beginner ,whio doesn't have had much popularity and exposure using this way we can get followers and curation rewards can make us more profit, @steempytutorials thanks you for sharing good articles for us...

I will check this out. Thanks for posting! @steempytutorials

its really awesome

now with my steem account i can't login, the response is:
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    For more information refer to WSL Troubleshooting.

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Is this any different from steemauto?

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Wow, it's amazing project. @juliank you are genius.

Looks interesting