7 Day RPC Node Monitoring Report

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Just a quick update to let any developers know that I've added a 7 day summary to the RPC monitor.

As it becomes more challenging to run a full RPC node, some server admins may choose to disable certain plugins such as that for account histories (which uses a lot of RAM). This simple report hopefully shows some useful information about which nodes offer the APIs you need, and how reliable they are.


If you run a public RPC node and would like it listed here and on our 12 hour monitor, please let us know.


Good project, and this is very useful. Monitoring the Largest Delegate, Greatest Recipient, and Largest Delegate, for me it is very easy to use www.steemreports.com

In addition, Developers, Visibility, Witnesses, and others can also be monitored from the project that you developed this. helpfully

Thanks @steemreports

Hello steemreport,
I don't understand the numbers show in my top voters page.
For claudiop63 it is showing 338, so what does it means 338.
steem report.PNG

These numbers don't mean very much except to give an indication of the proportion of votes you're receiving from each voter. Technically it relates to the 'rshares' that are allocated with each vote.

Dear friend @steemreports
Really you're giving a very good report sharing with us
Thanks for this valuable post