Financial Accounts Report (May Help with Tax Calculations)

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I have adapted the previous Financial Accounts Tool to create a new reporting tool which recreates historic balances for your STEEM, SBD and VESTS accounts. From this it also calculates the capital gains/losses for each of these asset pools.

Please remember that this data may not be totally accurate. It is subject to some limitations in data collection and possibly errors or omissions. I suggest you carry out your own checks to ensure you are happy that your records present a true reflection of your financial position.

We will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the data produced by this tool.

The most notable limitations I am aware of are:

  • No data is available for prior to January 2017.
  • The tool assumes the vests to steem rates change linearly over time as an approximation, but this isn't quite the case in practice.
  • The currency conversion rates used are hourly averages until December 2017, and thereafter minutely averages.
  • If you have too many transactions on your account, the report may not cover the range requested (so as not to overload servers)

I hope to improve this tool soon to allow transactions to be manually selected and excluded from the report, and also to include an income summary. If you have any other suggestions on how this report can be improved, as always, I'd be pleased to hear from you! :)


Amazing tool! I was exactly looking for something like this. Will immediately try it out. Thanks so much for putting it together.

Hi @steemreports, I'm very happy to say, if all the tools you've developed are so incredible and useful. Of course it will be very helpful for the Steemians. Included with the tool you mentioned in this article.
But sorry, there's something I want to ask. What is the meaning of the sentence in this article which says "we will not be responsible for the use or misuse of the data produced by this tool."

If we want to try this tool, it's not safe at all?
Forgive me, because I have not understood.

Thank you

This kind of statement is a standard way of legally warning you that the data may not be accurate. When filing tax returns (depending on your government), accuracy could be very important to avoid mistakes which could lead to legal prosecution by tax authorities.

you should try to get 100% accurate data info because mostly people set there mind on reading this posts.

I would like to provide 100% accuracy, but for a few reasons I don't actually think it's possible or necessary to guarantee that.

good effort its really hard work keep it up

thanks for the update report
that is appreciated
carry on

Great post

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post.

embracing & fantastic!

Hi, this would be potentially great, but seems to be incorrect for me (@guttormf). Prior balance for STEEM on 2017-07-23 starts with 121.74 and SBD (a few days earlier) 85.591 which then after a 0.001 transaction becomes 108.559.

My account was established in November 2016, but I didn't use it until July 2017, and I've confirmed on steemd that apart from the 50 STEEM account creation fee I wa s not rewarded before July 2017.

Starting (Prior) balance of VESTS seems to almost correct though. It should be 50 STEEM powered up on 2016-11-10, at which point 1 VEST supposedly converted to 0.0004312564126868444 STEEM according to @jesta.

I suppose I can still rely on the transactions themselves though, just not the calculations.

Very good picture and your story