SteemReports Google Analytics Web Stats

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SteemReports has seen web traffic almost triple in the last four months!

Here are a couple of views from our Google Analytics dashboard:

Here's a more complete page breakdown for the last 90 days so you can see which reports are most popular:

Hopefully other Steem projects, especially those lucky enough to be receiving Steemit delegation will also publish their traffic analytics data to help the community evaluate them.

I am currently focusing on and project sincerity. Your support for these projects would be hugely appreciated, so they can become successful projects too!


Yeah, we already all see it every day, when we try to open any page on Steemit. 😀

steemit 2018-03-16

I wouldn't say everyday ;) but today certainly hasn't been a good one!

better content, more traffic, more value in the network. the platform participants need to get over the unfairness in rewards distribution & build user friendly apps and wallets. Then, it will be ready for mass adoption.