Updated Report - Active Accounts for Steem Apps

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I have added an extra column showing the number of accounts using each of the Steem apps in the last 7 days.

I was surprised by the impressive number of accounts using esteem, and I guess that since the dmania memes site has now shutdown, that app will disappear from the list soon.

This data has also been added to the corresponding Sincerity API:


SteemPress in 6th position right behind dtube \o/

really cool list though. How is the sorting done ? I can't really see the logic behind it.

I decided to sort it based on the number of unique accounts using each app in the last 7 days.

Aaah I see. Thanks :)

I guess the number of comment count is wrong on the report.
There're many users who's commenting on Steemhunt, but it shows 0 there.

Is it counting meta tags or something?

Yes, it is counting meta-tags. Do you not add app metadata to comments then?

Oh I see. Ok I’ll add the tag then. Thanks :)

who is behind this account and the reports? i'd just like to know the source of the project and the website because it makes no mention.

@andybets (and @steemreports) is the developer of both the Sincerity API and http://www.steemreports.com. The API is temporarily hosted at https://multi.tube, but will likely get its own domain as soon as I work out a better way of funding development.

sweet. love ya work. following! :)

Informative post about past great work ...Sir ur work is great.Great to see the positive of esteem to humanity....thanks for sharing.