Audit completed

in #steemdice4 years ago

The audit script provided by @pharesim has run. It checked the last 5 million blocks for missing payouts of won games.
It found 23 bets where the payout transaction disappeared, most from the recent days. Those have been paid now, and the script will keep running consistently to repeat lost transactions every 15 minutes.


Good luck playing!


Lovely done. Nice work keep it up

That is great, how can I participate in it.

That pharesim is one clever cookie.

steemdice? sounds so cool

we need this on @golos to help golos get more users, make it become some sort of gambling blockchai , lol DPOS gambling man, @peeerplays I still have my peerplays I should stake em now lol

I can't wit to stake my EOS tokens !

EOSdice @eosdice hah

anyway steemdice looks so cool I want to develop my own steem blackjack how hard would that be

how much do I have to pay and who do I have to hire to build me a steem blackjack and make it cool enuf to make posts about how I'm making it :D

did someone say cookie?

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That's pretty good odds that it won't mess up. Thanks for the work, I don't use much. But I have won some!

Done bro :)

Done lovely!

How do i play?

Click the green playing text, will take you to the website. Goodluck

Such a nice piece, it's lovely Such hard working man Keep it up sir

Sounds like you have been busy making sure everything is in working order. That is great to hear. Many folks start projects and then regardless of problems, don't identify and fix them. You don't seem to be that way so kudos to you!

That's nice dude!

what a nice post.
I love this post.