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Few months ago, I introduced my long time friend @kareniel to the Steem blockchain. Being a seasoned dev, his first impression wasn't the best when it came to the documentation available and the way it was structured. We both want to see this blockchain succeed and having great resources for documentation is key to attracting devs to the ecosystem. So we decided to create the Steem Documentation Network. is an open-source project powered by that aims to create the best documentation website for everything related developing on the Steem blockchain. Think MDN(Mozilla Documentation Network) but for the Steem blockchain.

We don't aim to insult the work that is currently being done on the official developer portal but rather than get into a fight on how doc websites should be done, we decided to create an alternative.

We Are a Utopian Powered Open-Source Project


There is only so much two guys working part-time can accomplish. This project needs more contributors to become what it is meant to be.

How to get rewards for participating?

The process is simple:

  • Create documentation
  • Do a Pull Request
  • Get Merged
  • Submit your contribution to Utopian

Then if your contribution meets Utopian's standards you will get an upvote from @utopian-io and me.

1- Contribute to the Glossary

One way to participate is to contribute to the glossary of terms. This is core to developing a robust documentation and will be used throughout the tutorial and platform section of the website. If you are interested in contributing to it, make sure to look at other terms and follow the same template. Bundle 5 to 10 terms in your pull request for maximum rewards from Utopian. (Editing work is also highly valued!)

On our trello board, you can find the list of terms we are looking to add to the website

2- Contribute to "Platform"

We are building documentation on all the properties, primitives, methods, operations and plugins found on the Steem blockchain. This kind of work requires more in-depth knowledge of the development side of things.

Here is a good example of what we are looking for:

3- Create Tutorials

There is also a need for tutorials to explain how to do certain things such as:

  • How to setup a testnet
  • How to setup SteemConnect
  • Etc.

To see our list of tutorial, check out our trello here:


We hope that you'll be inspired to join us in this journey to build the Steem Documentation Network. The more of us contribute, the faster we'll be able to have a quality website that makes it as easy as possible for devs to get off to a good start when developing on the Steem Blockchain.

Photo by Fredrick Suwandi on Unsplash


Great project.

I have made a couple contributions and plan to contribute more in the future.

We shouldn’t expect everything from Steemit inc and this is a great example for the community from the community.

yes of course! Man it was really appreciated :-) Here is an humble upvote from us!

One thing i observed is that we think every day our life and on how to make things save and secure around us and our businesses. You guys really did a wonderful job i can imagine how much time consuming it was for you guys well done

@cryptoctopus and your team, I really highly appreciate your efforts for this inspiring project which is empowered by, "Steem Documentation Network" brought a great way for the development of Steem Blockchain. My support for it and hope for its rapid success.

I agree. The efforts put into this inspiring project is really amazing.

Why are there so many Steem ( steemit, steemdocs, steembr. Why do not you put all Steem together?

I think I agree with you that when it comes to documentation there seems to very little.

And the kind of project you have taken up will not only help current users in understanding Steemit better but it will help writers earn a bit of Steem for their efforts and give them a little exposure.

I will make sure to contribute soon. 😊

Are thesr only require a dev to perform or there is scope of others too....i am bit free nowadays so wondering if i can pitch in anyhow though i am not a dev

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the best place would be to contribute to the glossary

Glossary would be good...i checked trello too..with the list of words available....
As mentioned under the glosaary head.."check out on other terms and bundle 5 to 10" ...i did nt get about to proceed with the contribution

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check out the current glossary terms, here is an example:

Then if you want to do a contribution, bundle your contribution is 5 to 10 glossary terms.

Very mu h doabel...and quite excited to make the contribution.
5 and 10 bundle means ...i need to make contribution of 5 words to 10 words. And these were contributed under documentation section of utopian...m right?

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Hola, podrias ayudarme y seguirme. Gracias

Absolutely needed, very good. I will pass this on to the other witnesses. :)

I'm just blown away by blockchain technology I'm going to have to set aside serious time to learn this steam documentation Network. thanks for sharing!

Great concept! Very much needed.

Muy interesante!

What a fantastic idea! And I fully agree, the official Steem documentation could be a lot better. I hope y'alls project succeeds!

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Good initiative, It will help to make grow the steem network and their common use in the internet.

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@cryproctopus, Very nice and informative one. I am a new user and I am searching for posts that can help me in working on steemit. So please share with me other posts that can help me on Steemit. I want to have high reputation in steem it.

I'm sure to join. For me the best part is creating tutorial. Best wishes for this fantastic project.


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This is a fantastic much-needed idea, as I often find myself resorting to using Google searches on a separate tab in my brower in order find out basic stuff, and there's never any way to guarantee how accurate or up-to-date third-party information is.


Does illustration are also count?

I loved this edition, I think I had never learned this effect, but it seems simple enough.
I will try.
Great day,

I've been checking the Trello's documentation and seems to be very well ordered. I will see in which way I can give a hand for sure to promote Steem cause we need to make it. By my side only tutorials/design and Spanish translation is my grain of sand and in this step seems you guys are mostly in the behind the scenes part and don't know how much it can help.. anyway if it's needed count on me cause this is a need we have to make this grow seriously.

Resteemed as it shoulds...
Peace V!

Good idea, should really help me out, as I want to experiment with the steem Blockchain in the wintermonths.

Great post! ;D