Can someone help me out on this? How many steem Power will I get if I convert 100Steem to steem Power?

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Am new on steemit. Am thinking of transferring 100 steem from bittrex to get some steem Power but don't know the amount of steem power I will get with my 100 steem.
Also if I convert 100 steem to steem Power what will be the worth of my vote?

I will be grateful if you guys help out.



100 Steem dollar = 64.985 Steem Power

If I have that, what do you think my vote will worth when I upvote a content? Thanks for your response.

about 2 cents


Your vote value will not increase significantly until you have at least 1mVEST (I believe the threshold is about 500 Steem Power)

What is VEST? And what could the vote value with steem Power I bought if I don't have 1MVEST.

mVEST is your investment in Steemit. I'm not sure what the formula is exactly, but $500 in Steem Power is roughly 1mVEST which makes you a "Dolphin" at which point your upvote is worth more than a few cents.

Right now I have 0.0593M VESTS in Steemit you can find yours at

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