Introducing - A Directory of Businesses Accepting STEEM/SBD

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Today I just launched a new website!

What is is an up-to-date list of businesses that accept STEEM/SBD as a form of payment.

The main goals of this website are to:

  1. Provide Steemians with an easy-to-use interface where they can find all of the places to spend their hard-earned STEEM/SBD.
  2. Help support the Steem economy by connecting Steem-based businesses with potential customers.
  3. Encourage more business owners to start accepting STEEM/SBD as a form of payment.

What is the status of the project?

So far, I have collected over 50 businesses including coffee shops, restaurants, online stores, graphic designers, hosting companies, and more!

"Version 1.0" now is officially live!

Version 1.0 has:

  • A directory of over 50 businesses accepting STEEM/SBD as a form of payment.
  • A list of exchanges that support STEEM/SBD.
  • Instructions for merchants on how to start accepting STEEM/SBD.
  • A form for users to make suggestions and submit new businesses to be added.

What is the future of the project?

As the community and Steem economy continue to grow, is planning to grow with it.

As new businesses such as SteemMonsters start up, and existing businesses decide to tap into our amazing community, it will be easy to add them to the site.

I'd like this to be the "go-to" place for anyone looking to spend their STEEM/SBD.

Looking for feedback

Please let me know what you think so far. Suggestions are welcome. Also, if you know of any businesses that need to be added site, please let me know.

You can make suggestions using the website's contact form, or you can reach out to me in the comments below, on, or Discord.

Go check it out!


Great to see a list of everyone on the SteemPowered train!
The Garden Of Eden has been accepting Steem for over 1.5 years before even peerehub existed.
We also have over 100 hand made SteemGear designs available for Steem and over 1000 unique items available
More than anyplace I’m earth!
To SteemFinity and beyond!

Tim, so nice to have you on our side!

Does SteemEconomy have job board? E.g. I'm Analyst / Data Engineer and could help someone with his or her data.

Check out I'll add that one to the site too - thanks for the reminder :)

Nyc artica

excellent initiative tim would be great if one could classify the reputation of the seller that would give an idea to other buyers if the seller is reliable.

Agreed. I’m thinking of some ways to possibly integrate a feedback mechanism.

May want to have a chat with @asbear who runs steempayco

I actually already have that listed on this page:

Asbear announced recently that he is building a directory of real life businesses accepting Steem/SBD as well.

Maybe combined, and also with the efforts happening in the promo-steem community an API can be built. That benefits everyone. :)

I like that idea. Reputation, customer opinions, etc.

clearly the reputation that the users give to the company speaks very well of the service that they provide to the buyer.

as you say the comments of the users who have already used any of the companies in would be very helpful at the time of buying with our steem ..

I like that idea. Reputation, customer opinions, etc.

Thank you so much Tim really appreciate you sharing this information.

Duuuuuuude! Free advertising! Yes please. Also looks like I am the 1st Brick and Mortar listed in the US! Pretty cool man. I dig the site and all the businesses listed on it. These are the types of tools we will need to gain more adoption.

Cheers to you @timcliff super job!


That’s awesome work. If someone can get the Etsy plugin to work again I’d definitely push steem out as a payment method.

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A lot of Etsy store owners are just allowing people to contact them via Etsy to arrange STEEM/SBD payments.

Do you have any details on the plugin that was there before? I wasn't aware one ever existed.

My apologies, I said Etsy, but I meant Shopify.

Here is the link to the tutorial from @adept

A few stores had it working, but now they don't seem to actually work anymore.

I opened an issue to add a tutorial to the developer portal on how to integrate payment processing. The dev team seemed interested in getting it added.

Thanks bud. It’ll open a tonne of possible options especially for drop shipping companies

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Awesome job Tim. Curious does the site automatically find other steemians when they have something new to offer for steem/sbd? Thanks.

No. It is all manual data entry. I have myself as the main contact person that people can reach out to, and there is also a form on the website where people can submit new businesses.

What an awesome idea! Have actually been wondering, if there is a directory like this somewhere... well, you did it!

I have already sold my fine art prints here on steemit for STEEM/SBD, and I will certainly continue to accept this form of payment. Do you think I can be added to your listing?

I'm a professional artist and also have a "real" gallery here in Germany...

Yes. There is a form on the website where you can submit the info for your 'business'.

My feedback would be to add the logos of the different buissneses so you can recognize them easier.

Good suggestion, thanks!

WOW! This is just what I've been looking for @timcliff! I want a place where 1) I can purchase service & products in Steem $ to support other Steemians, and 2) I can sell my own services, courses, etc for those who want to buy in SBD. It is a win-win situation. Thank you for sharing this.

That's a great idea @timcliff!

The great benefit here would seem to be that people can use their smaller amounts of Steem/SBD inside the community, without having to go to fiat via an external exchange, which inevitably costs.

I could easily see this becoming a two-way flow, with "SteemEconomy" serving both as a directory, as well as a portal to help potential merchants by showing the the available options like @steembay, @steemshop, @peerhub and others. Although that might be outside the scope of what you had in mind, I don't know.


That's pretty damn fucking cool! #justsaying

Literally my first thought upon reading this. Sure, it's something that's kinda obvious and such but that's why it's needed. I still plan on getting that Steem Peanut Butter eventually and paying for it with Steem related profits. Cuz crypto.

Thst is fantastic. I keep trying to convince my friends that own businesses to accept crypto but they all are so scared.

Keep trying :)

@limesoda something for you?

Danke :)

Absolutely brilliant move! Listing them all in one place will help everyone to find these business and give other businesses an incentive to accept Steem as payment.

I would consider at notice at the top of the boxes on the main page saying "Online" or "Online/In-Store" with the city listed, for example:

(SBD only, Online/In-Store)

Tim Cliff's Cliff Diving
100 Murder Lane,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

(STEEM/SBD In-Store)

Acidyo Head Shop
666 Deadhead Way,
Knawbone, KY

You get the idea. Thank you for another useful resource. :)

Interesting idea, thanks!

Good idea! I think a map is needed since Steem is international and local businesses are only applicable to a relatively small number of people.

Maybe some review or ratings features would be good too.

Images on the homepage for each retailer would help.

Great suggestions, thanks!

Ooh if reviews could link to @letseat, if possible, at least for restaurants, that would be awesome!

Can shops accepting payment in Steem and Steem dollars be listed ? I have a shop I'd like to recommend.

Yes. There is a form here to submit a new business:

I told this to @yasu. He works at a shop receiving payment at steem, steem dollars in korea..

I resteem this article. Thank you for information.

Hey, @timcliff. So, this is basically a site that is gathering the businesses taking STEEM as payment and providing access to them from one site. Is there any ongoing courting of businesses going on at all (i guess that would fall into a marketing category of some sort), or is this just as they do accept STEEM, you will add them to the site?

More if they accept STEEM, I will add them to the site :)

Okay. Well, they've got one place to be at least, and the rest of us just need to get out there and talk up STEEM. I think it's a decent start. Just got to get the ball rolling faster.

This is so exciting! Gaining acceptance as a payment method is so essential to holding long term value. Great news! Thanks!

its very cool that this website promotes the use of cryptocurrency.

Thank you so much for finding and listing me in the directory. I really appreciate it. :)

Hi Tim

This is great! Really glad to be on the initial version of this site. Looks good and I'm excited to see it take off.

Thank you for putting it together :)

Nice to find your business listed on steemeconomy, @eftnow: it’s really cool! 😎

This is an awesome idea! I always struggled to find places that do! This is perfect.

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Great work Tim, this is vital for mass adoption of steem as a currency a great place to market business and also push consumers to use businesses currently accepting Steem/SBD. Awesome work my friend

Thank you for this project tim, I have created a hunt for your project at steemhunt

This is to help give your project some more eyes from hunters.

Cool, thanks :)

Please also add @xopus as a service as well.

You can see the site on what the service is about.

Maybe you would like to read xopu's introduction

I’ll review, thanks.

Thank you very much.

This will get the Steemit word out. We really need to get this in the hands of the general public. People will want to know what this Steemit is...........door open!!!!

Resteemed 👍

very nice idea, we really need that kind of website for sbd. thanks for this

Do you have a sense of what the most effective methods for taking payments in Steem are? It might be useful to have a review of them on the site for companies that want to start taking Steem.

I'll happily sell photographs for Steem but at this point I'm only doing it manually. (Which is most of how I do it in USD as well.)

I should really look past the front page.

A fantastic idea that I feel will build towards an invaluable resource. A rating feature would be excellent! Great work .. thank you for sharing!

Great idea! Let's celebrate those businesses who participate in the digital currency economy and support Steemit. You have my support @timcliff

Congratulations I like the web interface,am still working my way around the site,cool stuff Weldon

I wish was still alive :'(.

Yeah, SteemDice as well

Yeah, someone needs to pick up where pharesim left off.

Wow. This is so great a project. I am going to pass and browse and learn more from you.

Thanks for sharing:))

Today I just launched a new website!

Hi @timcliff, That's great work for every steemians. Congratulations for your success work. Please let me know, Can I buying something through online using steem or SBD?
I went to see & seems some merchants for necessary needs. I'm a south asian citizen. So if you can add more international wise traders, it will be supporting to us easily buying something.

There are several online stores listed in the "E-Commerce Websites" section. If there are businesses in the south Asian region that accept STEEM/SBD, then someone just needs to submit their info to my site for me to add them.

Oh thanks your feed back. I hope more businesses in Asian region will adding your site.

This is so awesome. I keep saying to people that coins need economies not dependent on exchange for fiat. It almost makes me wish I was still in business so that I could add myself to the list of businesses accepting STEEM as payment. Almost.

Are you thinking about adding a Bot list ? or, is that just redundant because SteemBot tracker is there.

I'm planning to just direct users to SteemBot tracker, since they already do a pretty good job keeping up with all of those.

This make sense! thanks for the response back.

@timcliff I have come to visit the site, there is a lot of very interesting information there, I do not have much interest in it, I should visit with more time, but what I saw, it seemed very good ..
Thank you very much for the great work you do on the platform and the people
I wish you a great day

Great idea @timcliff! This is exactly what the STEEM community needs.
And I hope to see the directory grow!

Wow that's so cool now no need to worry about where is steem not being accepted we got the list :D great work

Hello Tim!
Thank you for including the Air-Clinic project on SteemEconomy website.

I have a suggestion on the categorization.

Since it's healthcare-related it would be nice if it has it's own unique category. Maybe together with other Health-related stuff.

"Services" is too broad. I guess you are still fine-tuning it. Also on it's own page you said "pls contact the shop owner". Lol. It sounds weird to refer to a hospital as a shop.

Thank you once more!! It's a great initiative. Let's open up Steem to the world.


I removed "shop" from "shop owner" so it reads better now.

I initially had the categories more granular, but there were a lot of categories with one item. It may make more sense to do that after the economy grows a little more and we have multiple of each.

@timcliff, First of all i want to appreciate your work because you've developed this website which will going to give more boost to Steem Economy for sure.

And yes, we have to see Steem and SBD as Medium Of Exchangesbecause in that way we can increase the usability aspects of these tokens.

And yes, if Steem Economy grows then inturn we will going see the needed growth because, in that way the value of Steem and SBD will going to increase and inturn adoption will going to increase.

And for sure if i have any feedbacks or suggestions then for sure i will share. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Nice work! Will definitely check this out!
Very good sign for a bright future.

Awesome, Tim !! Thank you for this List. Full Steem ahead :)

This could be great for the value of Steem. Social media needs to integrate with the marketplace, in order to increase profitability. Everyone that wants see Steem rise, should get behind this, and provide support any way they can. One person can't do everything, so we all need to pitch in any help make these projects successful. Let's start several conversations, and collaborate for the common good.

When other websites are launched, we need to support them the best we can, if we want to see the price of Steem rise.

Great initiative and great to see people working to support Steem.

Hey Tim

Not much more to add to the comments, this is a great addition, and I can see very welcome, particularly for the people and sites listed.

Great job in gathering the list, hopefully many more additions will be on the way!

Hey @timcliff thanks for the website. We accept the Steem/SBD as payment too and we will appreciate if you include the social business project in your website. We sold some goods via steemit blockchain and received BTC/Steem/SBD as form of payment last one year.

That's great! There is a form to submit information to have a new business added to the site here:

This page was overloaded bc everyone is trying to upvote this at the same time.

need special guide to follow

It's a good start!

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Thanks for great share you also write an amazing blog with full of useful information.

It seems like it is just a price lookup. Including the STEEM/SBD price on the site though may be a good thing to add :)

Why don't you create a website discussion Steem economy inside Steem it. Like how it function what is the current status of it means overall statistics

Sorry, I don't understand

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@timecliff you doing great job, keep going and help us,

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