ANX is LIVE on Steem Engine and we're launching a social bounty to celebrate!

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Hello Steemworld!

Don't have an EOS account yet? You asked and we delivered ...

The team is pleased to announce that ANX is now available for holding and trading on the Steem blockchain via the Steem Engine decentralized exchange. We're even launching an epic social bounty to celebrate!

Trade ANXP/STEEM on Steem Engine

Using Steemengine's EOS/Steem Gateway

Depositing ANX EOS tokens to Steemengine:

Send ANX to EOS account steemenginex with the memo ANXP yoursteemname - you will receive ANXP in your Steem account, minus Steem Engine's 1% processing fee.

Withdrawing ANXP Steem Tokens to EOS:

Send ANXP to Steem account eos-peg with the memo ANX youreosaccount and you will receive ANX in your EOS account, minus Steem Engine's 1% processing fee.

About Steem Engine

STEEM ENGINE is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Steem blockchain like never before.

On top of the flag ship decentralized exchange, Steem Engine brings a lot of other long awaited functionality to the Steem Blockchain such as smart contracts and custom tokens. Thanks to the team at Steem Engine, you can now trade a whole range of native community tokens, as well as pegged versions of Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and even Dogecoin, all right here on Steem!

About ANX tokens

ANX is the first security token leveraging the power of the cutting edge EOS Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain. The EOS blockchain allows for instantaneous transfer of wealth without the burden of transaction fees and currently processes more than 16 million transactions per day at just 15% of its total capacity.

ANX tokens will serve as a gateway between everyday people and exclusive hedge funds, opening up professional fund management to the masses. The infinitely divisible and borderless nature of cryptocurrency facilitates access for all, lowering minimum investment thresholds to mere fractions of a cent. The team is breaking down financial barriers, giving each and every person on the planet access to the same investment opportunities long enjoyed by the world's elites. No longer will financial opportunity be reserved for the 1%.

You can read more about our vision for the future of inclusive finance in the ANX Whitepaper, Access for All, now available in English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Spanish!

Download the ANX Whitepaper

Let's get social!

Want some free ANX security tokens? To celebrate our new listing on the Steem Engine dex and the release of the ANX Whitepaper in multiple languages, we're offering a range of bounties for joining our social channels and helping spread the word about ANX!

Join us on Discord and Telegram:

Join us on Discord: 5 ANX for new members
Join us on Telegram: 5 ANX for new members

Follow us and retweet pinned tweet on Twitter:

500+ followers: 5 ANX
1000+ followers 10 ANX

Connect with the team on Linkedin:

50+ connections: 5 ANX
100+ connections: 10 ANX

After completing selected bounty tasks, please fill out this google form. ANX Bounties will be paid to your nominated Discord or Telegram accounts via Tipit bot and you'll be able to withdraw your tokens once the ANX public sale has concluded!

Bounty Claim Form

Sharing is caring ...

Know somebody else who might be interested in some free ANX? Tell your friends about our social drop using your personalized claim link and you'll earn 50% of their claimed rewards!

Simply replace YourNameHere in the above URL with your Discord or Telegram handles and get sharing!


Discord - Telegram - Twitter - Bitcointalk - Linkedin


English - Chinese - Korean - Indonesian - Spanish


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Scatter - EOS Lynx - Token Pocket


This is awesome..I just followed on twitter and retweeted .


Great 🙂 Just don't forget to fill out google form in order to qualify for the bounty...

That's great, I love that ANX is in Steem, I made a post in my blog, I hope it reaches many people. Many successes!

This is fantastic! Great to see ANX added to the Steem Engine ecosystem as one of the very first EOS tokens supported. This should bring ANX some nice visibility within the Steem community. Excited to see how the Steem Engine market will develop!

Thanks CM. You've believed in this project from the get go and we won't disappoint!

Wow finally!! I am one who hodl anox from first airdrop. Thanks @anoxfund team. See you around.

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We try our best :)

Axn growing with firm steps! I'm glad you expand your project, successes

Thanks Mel, see you around Telegram :)

Awesome team and great project. I am a believer and been supporting this for a long time. Great initiative ANOX team.

Are you sure ? Looks interesting

LOL notice how his comment didnt really make much sense? what is he even talking about? He seems to be just a spam bot with 25 rep the rep you get with a FRESH account lets look at his comments shal we?

weird he has ON comment this one and just ONE post :D Maybe he made a fresh account to claim some free ANXp anticipating the giveaways? :D

Maybe not tho you never really know, we will see if hes real :D

joined your discord group under the same name mango-juice

also joined the telegram group by the name Shankhadeep Das

also followed on twitter by the name Mango Juice gameplays


Great initiative! KEEP IT GOING!

Much appreciated 🙂 Just don't forget to fill out google form in order to qualify for the bounty...

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