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What is Steemerica 2019?

Steemerica will be a lot of things, but perhaps the simplest thing to call it is, The Steem conference of the Americas

Some have called it a "steem family reunion"

Others have called it a "steem meetup"

Still others have said, "steem trade show", "steem exposition" or "steem education & business & marketing opportunity"

Is this the same kind of thing as that conference that happens annually in Europe?

Well, no. It's not related at all, but also, sort of yes, in as much as it's about steem and steemians and in person meetups and all the other Steemstuff that goes with these wonderful things.

But it's not intended to compete, it's intended to complement that one and all the other meetups and conferences, like SteemCreators, which my witness partners @rhondak and @gmuxx keynoted at last month in Toronto, for example, or SteemFiesta in Peru, which I am personally attending next month as well. Complementary, continuing, and definitely NOT "competing" with these other valuable, excellent experiences.

For two years people have been clamoring for a steem gathering event of scale closer to the western side of the world. After discussing this with large stakeholders and platform builders, and even some of the other event facilitators, I was told that having even more events was a "good thing" and encouraged to proceed. There can never be enough chances for steemians to gather, meet, learn, educate, share, enjoy and party with each other!

So whatever you want to call it, as long as it's related to steem and steemians, well....

We say, YES! It's that, and that, and that and the other things too!

We're calling it Steemerica 2019 and our proof-of-brain based, community oriented theme is:

"Act Globally, Think Locally!"

Many will quickly identify that this phrase is a flip on the cliche' often said as "Think Globally, Act Locally", and the idea to use it as our event theme evolved from a conversation with fellow witness @EngineWitty during a chat about communities, charity and growth on the chain around the world and in our "local" environments combining the realms of the physical, virtual and social aspects of this amazing world of steem we live in together.

Here's what has been worked out so far

Steemerica 2019 will be hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Colorado is roughly central enough to Canada, USA, and South American countries, while offering a mid-sized North American city which can accomodate tourism, public transportation, hotels and motels and housing, larger scale banquet and gathering spaces, and is moderately priced for travel from most locales as well as being fairly affordable for visitors compared to comparably equipped locations that would suit this sort of event.

Colorado Springs is an amazing location for those that want to explore natural and historic wonders such as Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain (Famous for housing NORAD, as shown in the movie War Games), amazing Native American historic sites such as the astounding Cliff Dwellings and Mesa Verde national park.

The City itself houses our Air Force Academy, a University, and major attractions such as museums and galleries. Nightlife and dining options are abundant and range from the Whimsical "Airplane Restaurant" which is a 275 seat restaurant built inside a decommissioned military cargo airplane, right in the city, to casual al fresco cafes and 5 star gourmet experiences.

Suffice it to say, Colorado Springs is NOT a boring city :D

The event will probably be in June, with specific dates still TBD, based on expected attendance and venue availabilities. We hope to have committed dates ASAP but no later than the end of the year, leaving about 6 months lead time for folks to make their travel and scheduling plans in plenty of time.

The goal is to accommodate as much as possible of what we know so far about various regions' school seasons and summer breaks and centrally locate the event for ease of travel from South America, USA and Canada.

The intention is a four day conference, with 3 days on-site for speakers and presentations and other aspects of the gathering such as a steem trade show environment for the dApp and business builders to share their wares and perhaps even the first ever "steem swap meet" for our makers and artists to exhibit their creations for sale for STEEM of course! The fourth day, (a "middle" day) of the event will be a chance for various communities and groups of friends to go off-site to the local attractions and spend time with each other, in a sort of sub-meetups within the meta meetup event.

This is a ambitious undertaking and all the details are presently very early in the planning and subject to change, but suffice it to say, we intend for this event to be epic and a tremendous amount of time and attention is being paid to every detail. Because we don't want to set false expectations, please watch this blog as we move along over the next 10 months toward June of 2019, which will be here much faster than we all expect it to be for sure.

In less than a week since the original announcement of this event, no less than five prominent Steemians have stepped up and committed to speaking at the event, detailed dates pending , of course.

Speakers & intended topical areas already confirmed (pending dates as previously noted) for the presentations include:

  • Hacking Mental Performance - @WipGirl (Professional Corporate Speaker, MSP Waves Show Host)
  • dApps and Developing for the chain - @Instructor2121 (Block 21 Corp, Well Known Steem dApp Businessman)
  • Music and music business on the chain - @Isaria (Professional Musician, PAL/MSP Mod, MSP Waves Show Host)*
  • Charity on the Chain - @SirCork (Witness/YouAreHOPE Foundation)
  • Building successful Steem communities - @EngineWitty (Witness/TheAlliance)

We believe we can accomodate about 2 dozen speakers at 30 min or so each with breaks across three days. We hope to include a little slice of all the things that represent our ecosystem with prominent leaders and movers and shakers from each segment of the diverse world we call the "Steem Platform" at large.

If you would like to represent your App team, your project or community on the chain, or suggest a speaker, please directly message @SirCork on or in discord under the same name on all platforms.

Aside from the daily speakers, other tentative options being considered for during the 4-day conference include ideas such as:

An offsite day on the 3rd day, to allow the various groups, teams and platform sub-communities a chance to commune with each other, explore the amazing local attractions and spend time with each other outside the hustle and bustle of the event at large. That off-site day would lead into an off-site night as well, for those that want to do a little partying together around the city.

On the other days, we think about 6 hours of speakers and presentations with breaks and lunch will make for some interesting, and information packed days, and allow us to get a couple of dozen thought leaders, movers, shakers and change agents to the podium to present their game changing ideas and offerings to the entire community.

Some ideas still on the drawing board include:

  • A steem trade show
  • A steem makers and artists and crafts steem-swap meet
  • Meta event games and contests woven into the week such as steem scavenger hunts or games like a presentation attendance points race and so on.

Great ideas keep pouring in and each will be chosen based on cost, feasibility, interest levels as the planning continues and venue capabilities.

Speaking of venues, here is just one of the places we are presently considering as the hub for our daily events:

Learn more at :

At night, we know you crave a good time, and this platform is loaded with fantastic talent.

While nothing is near finalized yet, these are some early ideas for the evenings.

  • Day One: Casual Meet & Greet Mixer with live steemian music and comedy entertainment by several of our best performers, homegrown on the chain by and for steemians.
  • Day Two: Main Banquet & Open Attendee Talent Show
  • Day Three: Off Site Night / Onsite Games Night for those not attending offsite activities
  • Day Four: Farewell Party with live DJ and karaoke.

Naturally, we will live stream, facilities permitting so that those who cannot attend can enjoy these presenters as well.

At least one venue we are examining provides kitchens, so one fun idea presented to me is to find the "foodie" communities and have our super chef steemians actually sort of "cater" hor dourves for the daily gatherings. Imagine being able to put your Italian grandma's meatball recipe or good old Mom's chocolate chip cookies on the snack buffet table, with a stack of cards next to it with links to your cooking blog :)

The ideas pour in with each new person and community we mention the event to, so we are definitely still ironing out the kinks and crinkles. There are still 9.5 months ahead but they will fly by on a steemian's calendar before you know it, so rest assured, we are most assuredly not resting on getting a solid event planned, which we are certain will be enjoyed and remembered by all who choose to attend.

Other Information:

There will be an admission ticket fee, available in just two simple tiers.

"Early Adopter" tickets will be available in limited quantities at a reduced rate as soon as dates are known, to ensure we can reserve all the space and services we need to accommodate everyone and everything we have in store. We expect these to be approximately $100.00 USD in cost, and represent at least a $50 per ticket savings over the "regular" admission price.

"Regular priced" tickets will be made as affordable as possible and only on ONE tier, without any confusing levels or schemes to make things complicated. Right now, our gut is telling us that approximately $150.00 per person makes sense.

This event is not being created to make a profit for the organizers, but rather to ensure we have a fun, comfortable and professional environment for our guests and speakers, as well as amenities such as high speed internet, kitchens, catering, sound support, and so forth needed for the event to be a success.

The main banquet will be optional and an additional fee per diner. Vegetarian and Non vegetarian options will be available and the ticket purchase form already accommodates querying this preference.

Do note, that if funds from ticket sales permit, we hope to be able to modestly compensate our presenters and mainstage entertainers in some fashion for their effort in joining us, but of course they will be getting this incredible promotional opportunity for their various concerns as well. We can't make promises now, but heck I'm sure we will at least buy you lunch! Again, a lot of this will be clearer as we finalize some of the more specific details about timing, costs and attendance rsvp tallies (aka ticket sales. ).


Keep watching this blog for rapidly developing details every few days as we approach the event!

Steemerica is being organized by @SirCork with the help of his teammates on the @NobleWitness team, as well as other witnesses, investors, platform community leaders & so many other awesome steemians just like YOU!


This is a very wonderful gesture @sircork,seeing that you have gone ahead to lay down very wonderful plans for it, i can imagine the excellence and grandulence this event would portray most especially to the Americans,
It would be an adumbration of the likes of SteemFest and SIN,collaborating to build the Steem ecosystem.

Am happy about this,i will start now to plan towards coming and hopefully before that time i will have enough funds to sponsor myself and some other person to this event.

Thanks You made me google "adumbration" and to be clear this is not meant to overshadow anyone or anything! Rather, it's meant to keep on spreading the light of steem and steemians, already in progress, all around the world!

See you at Steemerica 2019!

LOL,there was no need to google,cause its for the good of the ecosystem,hope there will be plans for onboarding more members?

Meanwhile,in other news,some new intending members of steemit are finding it very difficult to get registered,they are not getting any code to confirm their registrations, do you have any idea as to what is the issue sir?

That has always been a problem, but luckily massive changes to "onboarding" are occuring with the release and implementation of Hard Fork #20, for which our own witness, @NobleWitness has already completed upgrading our servers just today in fact. As that becomes the new de-facto version all witnesses run over the next couple weeks as each witness individually upgrades to the new hard fork code, new methods of onboarding which are faster and easier will quickly become available. Details are beyond the scope of a comment but searching steem for information about hard fork 20 will get you up to speed. :)

Details are beyond the scope.....

This got me cranked up and i went to do more research,honestly am amazed as to what is really coming up, can't wait for the good times to come..

Very excited for this...looks great!❣️

People are excited you will be speaking! This is about you guys and gals out there, after all, and early feedback is that it's going to be HUGE! Like possibly the largest single steem gathering ever held.

Very cool! I have been wondering why we haven't had an American Steemfest yet. I appreciate that the user based is worldwide but it is nigh on impossible for most of us to afford that kind of trip to attend SF. I look forward to the tickets becoming available as I will for sure be attending. Helps one of my best friends lives in the Springs as well!

Nothing is impossible! Even the word "impossible" says "I'm Possible" in it ;) But see you at Steemerica 2019!

Hah hah! Yes you are right, and difficult would probably be the better term.

Seriously this is a great place to have the event. Colorado is nicely central and Denver is a major hub airport that just about every city flies to and is an hour to an hour and half drive from the Springs. Awesome choice and this will be a badass event for sure.

@EAGLESPIRIT is close to this ;)

sure am! didnt realize corky changed it for @enginewitty. 🤣🤣🤣
i need a complimentary tix tho, im a struggling actress 😂😂😂😂

I missed "how much" 😊
I can be persuaded for a comp


@sircork: re-steemed and ribbed, for your pleasure

😁 😂 🤣

OH, sorry, @eaglespirit wants the ribs (beeef) 😁 😂 🤣

Hell I want the ribs too. Or maybe the filet mignon. Settle for a big mac though.

shoot I oughta tear myself away and go to Steemerica and make up a batch of my



Hey @kleshguitars looks like this will be really near to you :D

@sircork thanks for putting this together. Colorado Springs is nearby.

Hopefully it's nearby a lot of people who are not nearby Europe. See you at Steemerica!

put me on the work detail since im a native...

You are hired. You are hereby proclaimed pirate staff, keeper of the things we decide of what they may be later :D

yeshhhhh! pirate! arggh

My local E Jones finance guy just moved out there. Just before the event, meet me @ my house on Platte Ave., just west of the olde railroad walking overpass. No C-rats this time but will have MRE's & a different wife.

This event may not be happening. Yer a bit late to the party and it's debatable if it's worth continuing here. other competitors are popping up since early in the year and some of them have made changes that might myspace this place into somebody's new facebook, so to speak. You seriously still own that house? Or was that just "code" :D

One of these days Iam going to save up the dinero to go to one of these . No doubt it's a great thing all the way around !!

You have 9+ months. Start posting :)

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Great all gatherings are awesome, nothing better than a hug and a real coffee. My only suggestion being called steemerica is that the map includes the whole continent, as southamerica is so present too.

Honey, that thing below texas IS south america ;)

Yes belongs to... But a large chunk of continent missing ;) America is down to Patagonia ;) not being picky or smartypants but this is common conversation among spanish speaking people norteamerica + centroamerica (shown) + sudamerica is America as continent.
I mean I am in Spain, I am not even American, but I see this topic many times and I was not pretending to sound bossy or picky. Just pointing it out due to the name.

And still my best wishes for it,as I say gatherings are always lovely

Ergh, yeah, yer right, the map I grabbed from the clip art lib is leaving out the south american mainland, fark, but it wouldnt have fit in a square image anyway, same reason I left out hawaii. its too far to the left. Its a logo, not a nav chart, it will have to do.

This is what happens when you pull 36 hour days on 4 hour naps and a microwave burrito every couple naps apart. Working at 3am when the noise of DMs from random users I never heard of link spamming me dies down. sigh

For what its worth, the half dozen people who saw it preview didn't catch it either, and that includes some venezuelans and peruvians :)

By no means I intended to be picky, it was just to point out with best of intentions. 🌹💮🌱

And you ain't wrong. :)

@sircork @yidneth problem solved


thanks. i appreciate that tyger. Im probably not going to change now, but I appreciate that. <3


May I suggest later in June for those with kids. Typically by then, most kids are out for summer break.

Definitely why its not pinned down and for sure was considering late June. Much later though, and we get into independence day plans people have and then the summer leads to other meetup conflicts and so on. Its not gonna fit everyone, but we intend to try. See you at Steemerica!

So glad yall picked Colorado Springs 😄 We Live here and will be there! 🎉💯

Good to know, got a sams club or costco membership? Imma probably need one on the ground there lol :) See you at Steemerica!

@sircork no, but I think we are considering joining Sams Club 😄 Not very decentralized though

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We're gonna need pretzels and cheezits. LOTS of pretzels and cheezits. :D

Do you have an idea on the particular location for some (or all) of the gathering?

All we know at this time is in the post.

Space center, pretzels, cheezits, got it :D

Looking forward to it!

I'm excited!! Can't wait to kick off this event!!

Thanks for all your effort Cork, reach out to me when you need me!!

Will do, early feedback is that it's going to be HUGE. As in possible 1-2K people. I think thats ambitious, but this is what I'm getting from feedback even THIS early.

This sounds amazing! @josephsavage and I would love to attend. Can't wait to see the dates!
I absolutely love the idea of a STEEM swap meet of some kind.

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I am very much looking forward to this event and for the @noblewitness team to meet up once more.

heh, seeing our name reminds me, the other day in a discord, a mod had added (NobleWitness) to my usual "SirCork" nick and didn't put the @ symbol. So some user in there on voice starts in with "So just what exactly makes you think you are so noble, sircork?" lolol, like i was saying it as adjective about myself. ahahah, I was like what? Oh! It's our team name, blah blah, and anyway, we put the @ on it. :)

🤣 Noble Cork? Tehe

No bull Cork!

Very true.

WOW, this event looks amazing!! What a cool lineup you already have formed. Tons of people that I either met in Toronto at the Creators Conference or know through through the Steem Monsters crowd!

Lots of awesomeness all around. :)

People seem to be getting really excited about it! And more are on the way! Thanks for having a look!

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Sounds great! Will be awaiting the dates to put on my calendar :)

You got a 43.12% upvote from @booster courtesy of @sircork!